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Blog / 07 Nov 2019

(Video) Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV) In Depth: Voyager 2


(Video) Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV) In Depth: Voyager 2

Topic: Voyager 2

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In the blackness of space, billions of miles from home, we are learning that a second object from Earth has crossed the influence of the sun.

NASA has disclosed that its Voyager 2 mission became the SECOND spacecraft EVER to enter interstellar space last year in November 2018.

Now, a day after the anniversary of that event, scientists have revealed what Voyager2 SAW when it crossed the threshold. And it’s giving humans new insight into some of the big mysteries of our solar system. So here is a glimpse of Voyager two's 12 billion mile long Journey and what its latest revelations mean to our understanding of the space, and beyond.

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Courtesy: RSTV