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Perfect-7 / 20 Jun 2024

Dhyeya IAS Perfect 7 Monthly Magazine - June 2024


Month: June 2024

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Publisher : Dhyeya IAS

Note : Perfect - 7 magazine will now be published Once in a month.

:: Table of Contents ::

National Issue

1.    Upholding Indian Society & Democracy: Assertive Role of the Supreme Court

2.    Supreme Court on Hindu Marriage

3.    Eggshell Skull Principle

4.    Article 361: Provides Immunity

5.    33% Reservation for women in Bar Association Committee

6.    Citizenship Certificates Under CAA

7.    SC Tightens Juvenile Justice Act

8.    Supreme Court Ruling on Consumer Protection Act

9.    SC Gives Permission to review the decision on 'Shamlat Deh' Land Rights

10. Supreme Court limits ED’s power to arrest PMLA accused

11. Personality/Publicity Rights

12. State To Not Acquire Private Property Without Proper Procedure

13. It is Important to follow proper and Due Process: SC

14. CBI and Role of the Union Government

International Issue

1.    Political & Power Equation in Iran after the Demise of President & Foreign Minister

2.    Vietnam’s Status of Non-Market Economy

3.    World Migration Report

4.    India Indonesia Defense Relations

5.    India and Nigeria Relations

6.    New Nepal Map In Rs.100 Banknote

7.    Maldives Foreign Minister’s India Visit

8.    Unrest in New Caledonia

9.    India-Australia Joint Committee Meeting

10. Peace Agreement Between Armenia and Azerbaijan

11. India-Ghana Joint Trade Committee Meeting

12. India-Mongolia Joint Working Group Meeting

Environmental Issue

1.    Outcomes of UNFF Meeting and Environmental Protection Actions in India

2.    Bathymetry of Indian Ocean Floor

3.    Earth's Rotation Slowed Down

4.    Iberian lynx

5.    Lack of Big Trees in Indian Agricultural Land: A serious concern

6.    Indians Worried About Climate Change

7.    World Wildlife Crime Report

8.    Venezuela Lost its Last Glacier

9.    Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit

10. Sea Anemone Bleaching

11. Cyclone Remal

Science & Technology

1.    Ministry of Earth Sciences Strengthening India's Antarctic Expedition Efforts

2.    Thrombosis Thrombocytopenia Syndrome

3.    West Nile Virus Disease

4.    Indian Space Situational Assessment Report 2023

5.    CRISPR: BRILLIANCE Study to Treat Inherited Blindness

6.    Oxytocin Usage in Dairies

7.    WHO Report on Neglected Tropical Disease

8.    Artificial General Intelligence

9.    NISAR to Monitor Tectonic Movements

10. Bacterial Pathogens Priority List

11. 3D Printed Rocket Engine

12. TAK-003

13. Geomagnetic Reversal

Economic Issues

1.    Improving condition of tourism in India and the world

2.    Guidelines by RBI for SFBs

3.    Participatory-Notes

4.    India Becomes World’s Services Factory

5.    China: The Largest Trading Partner of India

6.    Indian E-commerce Market

7.    Front-Running and Insider Trading in SEBI

8.    Public investment key driver of Indian economy: IMF

9.    Economic Value Earth Observation (EO) Data

10. Sachetization of F&O trade

11. Remittances in India

12. Report on Unemployment in Urban Areas

Miscellaneous Issues

1.    Indian Government's Decisive Campaign against Naxalism

2.    India’s Contribution in Counter Terrorism Trust Fund

3.    MANPADS: Igla-S

4.    ICMR's New Guideline to Improve Eating Habits

5.    Highest Internet Shutdowns in India

6.    Phishing Attacks in India

7.    World Press Freedom Index

8.    Meitei Sagol

9.    National Human Rights Commission

10. UNESCO's Memory of the World Asia-Pacific Regional Register

11. Market based incentives for Environmental

12. Conservation

Quick Learn

Brain Boosters

1.    World Craft City

2.    Expanded Programme on Immunization

3.    Indian Spice Industry

4.    Plastics Treaty

5.    SMART System

6.    Agricultural Subsidies in WTO

7.    International Trade of India

8.    TB Vaccine MTBVAC

9.    UN Membership for Palestine

10. International Day for Biological Diversity

11. Geographical Features of South America

Places in News

State News

Power Packed News

One Liners

Pre Special

1.    Recent Initiatives of Reserve Bank of India

2.    Recent Initiatives of Defence Research and Development Organisation

3.    Recent Missions Launched by ISRO

4.    Major Tribes in News Recently

5.    Recent Initiatives of Ministry of Shipping

6.    Recent Initiatives of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

7.    Key Facts about Census of India 2011

8.    10th Agricultural Census

9.    Census of Asiatic Lions-2020

10. Sustainable Development Goals

11. Natural Resources in India

12. Minor Minerals in India

13. Major Agricultural Crops in India

14. Major Science Initiatives in 2023

15. Regulatory Bodies in India

Current Based MCQs

UPSC Prelims Mock Paper