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Perfect-7 / 11 Jan 2024

(Download) Dhyeya IAS Perfect - 7 Fortnightly Magazine - July 2023 (Issue - 2)


Month: July 2023

Issue: 2nd

File Type: PDF

File Size: 7.16 MB

Publisher : Dhyeya IAS

Note : Perfect - 7 magazine will now be published twice a month.

:: Table of Contents ::

Important Articles:

  • Deepfake: An Emerging AI Threat in the Tech World
  • Building a Globally Competitive Higher Education System in India: Opportunities & Challenges
  • Evaluation of Egypt’s Role in India’s Long Term Interests in the Middle East & Africa
  • Gender Equality in India: Need of More Reforms At Economic & Political Level
  • Chandrayan 3: Making India the Space Superpower
  • India Breaking The Shakels Of Poverty: UN MPI Report
  • High Seas Treaty: A Ray of Hope for Marine Biodiversity

National Issue:

  • “Report Fish Disease” App
  • National Research Foundation Bill 2023
  • Critical Minerals for India
  • New Scheme for Pregnant Minor Victims from Nirbhaya Fund
  • Performance Grading Index 2.0
  • Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill, 2023
  • 2nd Win for Farmers Against PepsiCo

International Issue:

  • SCO calls for multipolar world order as Iran joins the grouping
  • 11.7 million People to be displaced in East Africa and Great Lakes region by 2023: UN report
  • Construction Activity Ramps up near Pangong Tso Lake
  • Senegal Signs Just Energy Transition Partnership Deal
  • Global Shipping Industry Aims for Net Zero Emissions by 2050
  • China’s Amended Anti-Espionage Law Puts Businesses At Risk: USA
  • Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar’s Visit to Tanzania

Environment Issue:

  • Green Credit Programme
  • Diminishing Rainforests in DRC
  • More Rain, less Snowfall due to Rising Temperatures: Report
  • Jowar: An Ideal Alternative to Wheat in Times of Increasing Temperatures
  • The Downfall of Amazon Deforestation
  • HEAL Report on NO2
  • ‘Red Alert’ Against Poachers, Hunters in all Tiger Reserves

Science & Tech Issue:

  • Fast Radio Bursts
  • Genome Sequencing of Newborn Babies
  • Dark Patterns
  • CMV and ToMV Attack on Tomato
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Sickle Cell Anaemia
  • Universe’s Background Hum

Economic Issue:

  • 17th Indian Cooperative Congress
  • Index of Eight Core Industries
  • India Is Best Performing Nation In South Asian Region In Terms Of Trade Facilitation: UNESCAP
  • One billion people in India will join the middle class by 2047
  • Open Market Sales Scheme
  • By 2075, India will be the 2nd Largest Economy: Goldman Sachs
  • Internationalization of Indian Rupee: Challenges and Reforms


  • Kharchi Puja 2023
  • Penal Action Against obscene content
  • Hul Diwas
  • The Increasing Prevalence of Divorce in Birds
  • Lambani Embroidery Patch
  • National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment (NeSDA) Framework 2023
  • Child Traffificking Menace

Important Fact Based News:

  • India’s First ‘Police Drone Unit
  • Country’s first Elevated Urban Expressway
  • Indian Navy’s Multidimensional Outreach Program
  • Japan-India Maritime Exercise 2023
  • Ph.D. not compulsory for teaching in colleges, universities: UGC
  • ESA’s (European Space Agency) Euclid space telescope launch
  • Natural arch discovered by GSI in Odisha
  • Aarti Holla-Maini appointed Director, UNOOSA
  • Champions 2.0 Portal
  • Methanol export from Assam to Bangladesh
  • Bahubali Cattle Fence
  • Urban 20 (U20) Mayors Summit
  • NLU Delhi launched ‘Eklavya’
  • UPI 123PAY by PNB for Offline Transaction
  • Operation Broader Sword
  • China launched its first open-source Computer Operating System
  • International Biology Olympiad
  • PM Modi gets the highest civilian award in France
  • Export Preparedness Index 2022 by NITI Aayog

Brain Boosters:

  • Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  • The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022
  • Restricted Internet Access & Public Order
  • China’s Chip War
  • Quantum Supercomputer
  • International Conference on Green Hydrogen
  • Ethanol Blending in India

Mains Special:

  • Important Questions based on Governance, I.R. and Social Justice

Important MCQs for Prelims Exam

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