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Perfect-7 / 11 Jan 2024

(Download) Dhyeya IAS Perfect - 7 Fortnightly Magazine - February 2023 (Issue - 2)


Month: February 2023

Issue: 2nd

File Type: PDF

File Size: 12.45 MB

Publisher : Dhyeya IAS

Note : Perfect - 7 magazine will now be published twice a month.

:: Table of Contents ::

Important Articles:

  • Relevance Of The IWT & India’s Perspective
  • Socio-Economic Impact Of Income Inequality in India
  • Strategies Being Made To Strengthen Indian Navy
  • India’s Strides Towards Developing Indigenous Vaccines
  • Need For Reform In Management & Administration Of Cooperatives In India
  • Diminishing Militancy Due To Multi-Dimensional Development Of North-East India
  • Need Of EIA In Urban Development Projects

National Issue:

  • Annual Death Penalty in India Report, 2022
  • OBC Sub-Categorization Panel Gets 14th Extension
  • No Bar On Contesting Two Seats Simultaneously
  • Governor Sends Back Domicile Bill
  • Ladakh demands 6th Schedule status under Article 244 of the Constitution
  • Operation Sadbhavana in Ladakh
  • Andhra’s Guaranteed Pension Scheme model catches the attention of the Centre

International Issue:

  • ‘Strategic Partnership’ between India and Egypt
  • Climate change fuelling conflict and migration in the Lake Chad Basin
  • Unit-3 of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP-3)
  • Sino Russia Alliance Implications
  • Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies (iCET)
  • QUAD Nations launch Quad Cyber Challenge
  • Milk Capital of the World: India Leads Global Milk Production

Environment Issue:

  • Tips to Save Kerala’s “Sinking” Island
  • Kelp Forests losing Unique Traits due to Climate Change, says Study
  • Shifting Banks of Ganga in West Bengal
  • Disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field and Avian Vagrancy
  • Conservation Initiatives in the Budget
  • Noble’s Helen Butterfly
  • About 20,000 tonnes of Red Sanders were smuggled from India between 2016 and 2020: Report

Science & Tech Issue:

  • NISAR SATELLITE- Joint Earth Observing Mission of NASA and ISRO
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Fearing H5 Pandemic Minks Culled in Spain
  • Government of India Inaugurates National Summit on Quality of Biologicals
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds?
  • Sequence Genome of Four Indian Cow Breeds
  • Sickle Cell Anaemia

Economic Issue:

  • Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers for December 2022
  • World Economic Outlook Report January-2023 Update
  • World Economic Situation and Prospects Report, 2023
  • Reverse-Flipping
  • Paris Club likely to provide financial assurances to IMF on Sri Lanka debt
  • NSE puts Adani Group Firms Under the ‘Additional Surveillance Mechanism’
  • Dip in Disposable Income


  • Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
  • Physical inactivity among Children and Adolescents
  • Prisons without bars
  • Microsoft Project ‘Ellora’
  • Amrit Udyan, the new name of the Mughal Gardens
  • Atal Innovation Mission inaugurates ACIC-CBIT Research and Entrepreneurship Foundation in Hyderabad
  • Keeladi Excavation

Important Fact Based News:

  • Indore becomes first civic body to launch green bond
  • Bar Headed Goose
  • New type of snow
  • Green Deal Industrial Plan
  • India Energy Week 2023
  • Yaya Tso Lake
  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Red headed vulture
  • Atmanirbhar Clean Plant Program
  • National Action for Mechanized Sanitation Ecosystem (NAMASTE)
  • Operation “Narcos” and Operation AAHT

Brain Boosters:

  • Economic Survey
  • Economic Survey 2022-23 (Part 1)
  • Economic Survey 2022-23 (Part 2)
  • Economic Survey 2022-23 (Part 3)
  • Economic Survey 2022-23 (Part 4)
  • Economic Survey 2022-23 (Part 5)
  • Economic Survey 2022-23 (Part 6)

Prelims Special 2023 (International Relation)

Important MCQs for Prelims Exam

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