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Perfect-7 / 11 Jan 2024

(Download) Dhyeya IAS Perfect - 7 Weekly Magazine - April 2020 (Issue - 4)


(Download) Dhyeya IAS Perfect - 7 Weekly Magazine - April 2020 (Issue - 4)

Month: April 2020

Issue: 4th

Price: FREE!

File Type: PDF

File Size: 4.22 MB

Publisher : Dhyeya IAS

:: Table of Contents ::

Seven Important Issues:

  1. Financial Architecture of Green Buildings In India
  2. Covid-19 and Transformation of Global Manufacturing
  3. Usa's Suspension of WHO Fund and Its Impact
  4. Ways and Mean Advances : RBI's Tool to Manage Cash Flow
  5. The Feasibility of Emergency Basic Income in India
  6. Sanitation Workers : Frontline Warriors Against Covid-19
  7. Coronavirus Pandemic vs Sustainability of SDGs

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