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Brain-booster / 22 Nov 2023

Brain Booster for UPSC & State PCS Examination (Topic: APAAR)


1. About the Mission

APAAR (Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry) is envisioned as a special ID system for all students in India, starting from childhood. This is part of the ‘One nation, One Student ID’ initiative of the Union government, stemming from the new National Education Policy of 2020.

2. Solution

  • Government informed that the information shared by students will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party except for entities engaged in educational activities.
  • At any given time, students have the option to stop sharing their information with the mentioned parties, and their data processing will be halted.
  • However, any personal data already processed will remain unaffected if consent is withdrawn.

3. Concerns Regarding APAAR

Parents and students have concerns about sharing their Aadhar details because they worry that their personal information could be leaked to outside parties.

4. Purpose of APAAR

  • Under the initiative, each student would get a lifelong APAAR ID, making it easy for the learners, schools, and governments to track academic progress from pre-primary education to higher education.
  • APAAR would also serve as a gateway to Digilocker, a digital system where students can store their important documents and achievements, digitally, making it easier to access and use them in the future.

5. Need of APAAR

  • The goal behind introducing APAAR is to make education hassle-free and reduce the need for students to carry physical documents.
  • The vision is to create a positive change, allowing state governments to track literacy rates, dropout rates, and helping them make improvements.
  • APAAR also aims to reduce fraud and duplicate educational certificates by providing a single, trusted reference for educational institutions.
  • Under this scheme, only first party sources that issue certificates will be allowed to deposit credits into the system, ensuring authenticity.

Govts Vision for APAAR

  • Every individual will have a unique APAAR ID, which will be linked to the Academic Bank Credit (ABC).
  • ABC is a digital storehouse that contains information of the credits earned by students throughout their learning journey.
  • With the APAAR ID, students would be able to store all their certificates and credits (from formal education or informal learning both).
  • When a student completes a course or achieves something, it’s digitally certified and securely stored in her account by authorised institutions.
  • If the student changes schools, whether within the state or to another state, all her data in the ABC gets transferred to her new school just by sharing the APAAR ID. She won’t need to provide physical documents or transfer certificates.