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Taiwan: - Part Mainland china or separate state

Taiwan, known, formally as the Republic of China (ROC), is a self-Ruled island that, lies about 161 km off the coast of mainland china. It is a democracy with a separate government and, a military. But despite its defile independence most countries do not consider Taiwan a separate state due. to china's claim over the territory under 'One China Principle' Taiwan's first contact with china was in 1683 when it came under the Qing dynasty's control. But its role in international politics can be traced back to I Sino-Japanese war 1894-1895 in which Japan defeated Qing & made Taiwan & China its first colony. But after defeat in II ww Japan Gave Taiwan to Chinese. After few years in 1949 during civil war in China ruling party of china at then lost the civil war to the communists led by Mao Zedong they fled to Taiwan & maintained administrative control over it. As Mao decided to invade Taiwan for integrating it with china Korean War erupted in 1950 diverting china's attention in aiding the communities in North Korea. Also forcing the US to commit itself to Taiwan's security & independence reason behind US commitment was Taiwan's geostrategic calculation for containing China's rise in east Asia during & after cold war

  • Communist who won civil war in china established PRC.i.e. People's Republic of china.
  • One who fled the Taiwan after civil war defeat established Nationalists Republic of china (RDC).

At world/ global stage from 1971 most wuntr5ies including US dropped diplomatic recognition of ROC in Taipei in Favour PRC in Beijing. Presently there are only 15 countries which have diplomatic relation with Taiwan but not with china But. Taiwan Relations Act of 1978 Passed after US withdrew recognition of ROC in favour of PRC mandates US to preserve & promote close, friendly commercial, cultural & other relations between people of US people of Taiwan.

In this complex diplomatic dance of relations involving china, Taiwan & USA, even the smallest action or word choice carry significant meaning as it popped up in news recently as French senator calls Taiwan a 'country'
Taiwan's Present Day concern – Few in support of reunification with mainland china – Reasons –

  1. Ethno Nationalism
  2. Civil Nationalism

Importance of Taiwan to china:

  1. Taiwan historically a part of china thus its reunification is needed for nationalism & territorial integrity.
  2. Plan for great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation by 2049, 100th Anniversary of the creation of PRC i.e. not just economic predominance in Asia but regaining control of great china (Tibet, Hong, Taiwan)
  3. Taiwan's independence would promote separatist movement in Tibet & Xinxiang.
  4. International factor in china's reunification goal is its cold war with US.

Taiwan & its impact on Sino- American relationship – US act as Taiwan's' patron against Chinese aggression because of 3 reasons.

  • Economic – Taiwan is the US 10th largest trading partner & losing it to china would provide the Chinese control over $600 billion economy high-tech industry & semi- conductor production.
  • Strategic –
  • China controlled Taiwan would increase its missile ranges around 150 nautical Niles eastwards.
  • China controlled Taiwan would make china dominant power in east china sea making strike at Japan, Guam (US territory) easier for china.
  • Taiwan acts as a pro-US aircraft carrier vital for containing china.
  • Ideological – Taiwan with anti- communist democratic. Island provides USA huge win in Sino-American ideological competition.

Futures scenario:-

Will Taiwan Declare Independence – Multiple polls show that most Taiwanese people support status quo and don't want to risk antagonising china because. China is quite clearly militarily superior to Taiwan & US hasn't promised anything in case of a china invasion.


Will china Invade Taiwan coast of invasion are very high not in financial but in diplomatic term

  • Would make china world's public energy.
  • Negatively affect china's effort to establish itself as a responsible global leader.