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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

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NITI Aayog has planned to launch for the first time in India, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) handbook for resolution of disputes outside the court.


ODR will be launched in association with Agami and Omidyar Network India and with the support of ICICI Bank, Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Trilegal, Dalberg, Dvara, NIPFP.

This handbook is to invite the business leaders to adopt ODR in India.

It will provide mechanism and models of ODR that will prove to be helpful for the businesses.

ODR resolves the disputes outside courts, especially small and medium-value cases, by using digital technology and method of alternate dispute resolution (ADR), such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

As courts are becoming digitized through the efforts of the judiciary, more useful, adaptable, and joint mechanisms of containment and resolution are urgently needed. ODR is an efficient and cost-effective mechanism of dispute resolution.