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India accelerates digital learning

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India, China, Brazil and six other countries will enhance and scale-up the process of digital learning to achieve UN sustainable goal on quality education.


It is also known as E9 initiative( India, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and Pakistan) made up of three phase of the first phase is to co-create an initiative on digital learning and skills with major focus on marginalized children and youth especially girls.

The aim of this initiative is to speed up the recovery and forge ahead the Sustainable Development Goal 4 agenda by driving swift change in education systems. In the consultation meeting to be held on 6th April the countries together will drive change in support to teachers; investment in skills; and narrowing of the digital divide.

The consultation will discuss about the progress and challenges in the digital learning and skills. Apart from this a Marketplace segment, for public-private partnership will focus on favorable local and global solutions and opportunities for digital learning to fortify local ecosystems.

According to UNESCO, COVID-19 crisis has provided once-in- a generation opportunity to jump our children and youth fast, competitive, interrelated and digitalized economies. The meeting will meet the challenges and make a blueprint to speed up the process and digital learning thus narrowing down the digital divide.