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Import Registration Mandatory for host of aluminium, copper products

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Under non-ferrous metal import monitoring system the commerce ministry has made import registration mandatory 46 copper and 43 aluminium items.


Mandatory import registration on items of copper and aluminium could keep back inbound shipments of such products and encourage their local manufacturing.

According to a notification of the department of commerce, under the import monitoring system importers would have to present advance information in an online system for inbound shipments of these products and acquire an automatic registration number by paying specified fee.

The importer can apply for registration not earlier than 60th day and not later than 5th day before the slated date of arrival of import consignment.

Online registration facility will start from 5th April and overall system will be implemented from 12th April. Copper products include blister copper, refined copper, copper bars, certain copper rod, copper alloys and sanitary ware and Aluminium products included in the list are ingots, wire rods, aluminium scrap, and aluminium powder for thermite process, certain aluminium tubes and pipes.

Ministry of Commerce has earlier made this registration compulsory for iron, steel and coal products too. This registration would encourage local manufacturing and restrict the import of unnecessary goods.