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Glue Grant Scheme and Academic Credit Bank


Forty central universities will kick off implementation of innovative measures such as the academic credit bank and the glue grant meant to encourage multidisciplinary


  • Both the schemes proposed under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020

Glue Grant Scheme:

  • Under the glue grant, announced in this year’s budget, institutions in the same city would be encouraged to share resources, equipment and even allow their students to take classes from each other.
  • This also meant that institutions need not duplicate work by developing the same capacities, but would able to build on each other’s expertise.

Academic Credit Bank

  • The first step would be the academic credit bank, which would have to be adopted separately by the academic council of each university to kick off implementation. To start with, the system would allow students to attain qualifications by amassing credits rather than specific durations on campus. A certain number of credits would add up to a certificate, then a diploma and then a degree, allowing for multiple entry and exit points. Students can earn up to 40% of their credits in online Swayam classes, rather than in the physical classroom. In the future, these credits will hold validity across different institutions.
  • Set-up by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
  • Under the ABC, students will be given multiple entry and exit options.
  • This enables students to leave a degree or course and get a corresponding certification and rejoin studies after a certain time and be able to start from where they had left.
  • It will also provide students with the flexibility to move between institutes while pursuing one degree or leave a course.
  • ABC will help in credit verification, credit accumulation, credit transfer and redemption of students, and promotion of the students.


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