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Info-pedia / 14 May 2024

Info Pedia : Percolation Wells


Context:  The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board have constructed more than 900 percolation/recharge wells across the city within a span of one month.

What are Percolation wells?

·        Percolation wells are designed to capture rainwater so that the groundwater table is restored, conserved and recharged as the created percolation and filtration environment triggers natural aquifers.

·        Percolation wells are 12 feet deep and 4 feet wide earthen dams padded with concrete rings inside and filled with gravel so that rainwater gets trapped into it and percolates down to natural aquifers.

·        Rain falls into the percolation well, water leaks into the soil in multiple layers and it goes down to the ground and natural aquifers get activated, instead of allowing rainwater to run off or form a cesspool and evaporate.