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Info-pedia / 05 Feb 2024

Info-Pedia : Neuralink brain chip



     Founded by Elon Musk in 2016, Neuralink has achieved a significant milestone by successfully implanting its wireless brain chip, named Telepathy, into a human for the first time.

     The implant involves a coin-sized chip placed in the skull, connected to the brain through ultra-thin wires, establishing a brain-computer interface.


       The initial implementation enables users to manipulate phones or computers using their thoughts.

       Expanding its potential, the technology could be employed to rehabilitate motor functions in individuals with neurological disorders.

       The human testing phase is designed to gather data on safety and effectiveness, facilitating continuous device enhancement. 

Ethical considerations encompass the risks associated with brain surgery, concerns related to privacy, and potential surveillance implications.

Neuralink has conducted preliminary chip testing on monkeys and pigs.