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Info-pedia / 30 Apr 2024

Info Pedia : Neptis Philyra



A team of butterfly enthusiasts made a groundbreaking discovery at the Tale Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (TWS), Arunachal Pradesh, India: the first-ever sighting of Neptis philyra, a rare butterfly species belonging to the Nymphalidae family. Known as the long-streak sailor, this elusive butterfly species had never been documented in India until now.


  • The Tale Valley Wildlife Sanctuary (TWS) derives its name from the Tale Valley, renowned for its abundance of wild onions known as "Tale." Situated in the Lower Subansiri District, this sanctuary shelters diverse wildlife such as the elusive clouded leopard, Indian elephant, and rare orchid species.
  • It is a favored destination for birdwatching and butterfly enthusiasts, with promising prospects for ecotourism, particularly centered around cultural and scientific endeavors.

Additional Informations

  • This species, once prevalent in diverse areas spanning from eastern Siberia to Korea, Japan, and central and southwest China, boasts wings adorned with serrations.
  • The upper side displays a deep brownish-black hue while the underside features a warm yellow-brown shade. A distinctive characteristic is the white streak on the forewing, forming a pattern reminiscent of a "hockey stick."