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Info-pedia / 14 Feb 2024

Nazool Land


Context: Violence has erupted in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani district at the site of a mosque and madrasa, allegedly on Nazool land.


Definition: Nazool land is owned by the government but usually leased to entities for a fixed period, typically between 15 and 99 years.


Lease Renewal: Leaseholders can request lease renewal through a written application to the Revenue Department of the local development authority. The government holds the discretion to renew or cancel the lease.


Origin: Nazool land emerged during British rule when lands belonging to defeated kings and kingdoms were taken over. After Independence, these lands were designated as Nazool land due to lack of proper documentation of prior ownership.


Government Usage: Nazool land is utilized for public purposes such as constructing schools, hospitals, Gram Panchayat buildings, and housing societies on lease.


Regulation: Governed by the Nazool Lands (Transfer) Rules, 1956.