Rajendra Nagar (Central Delhi)

General Studies New Batch English Medium
21st May at 11 AM


GS Workshop Bilingual
25 May at 11 AM

General Studies Batch - 1 English Medium
26 May at 6:00 PM

General Studies Batch - 1 हिंदी माध्यम
26 MAY at 8:30 AM


General Studies Batch-2 Hindi Medium
11th May at 8:00 AM

General Studies Batch- 2 English Medium
4th June at 7:30 AM

General Studies Batch - 1 English Medium
11th May at 6 PM

GS Focus Batch
11th June at 8:00 AM

General Studies Mains Batch-2 Hindi Medium
30th April at 5:30 PM

East Delhi(Laxmi Nagar)

PCS Batch Bilingual
11th June at 7:30 AM

11th June at 10:30 AM

IAS Weekend Batch Bilingual
12th May at 11:00 AM

North Delhi(Mukherjee Nagar)

Optional Batch इतिहास
6th April at 11:30 AM

Optional Batch हिन्दी साहित्य
05:30 PM

General Studies Batch - 1 English Medium
8th June at 6:00 pm

General Studies Batch - 1 सामान्य अध्ययन हिंदी माध्यम
30th April at 9:00 am

Classroom Programme

Before anything else, preparation and razor sharp strategy is the key to success. With this idea and intention, our highly qualified and experienced faculty…

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With the advent of technologies, E-learning or Distance learning is very fast becoming the popular way to learn. Distance Learning programme has minimized distances…

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Live Streaming

For good education, students have to migrate to better places, VSAT classes has removed these barriers, Best Education of metros is available in House anywhere…

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