(Download) UPPSC Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) / Range Forest Officer (RFO) Mains Optional Subject "Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science" Exam Syllabus

Download UPPSC Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) / Range Forest Officer (RFO) Mains Exam Syllabus

(Download) UPPSC Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF) / Range Forest Officer (RFO) Mains Optional Subject "Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science" Exam Syllabus

:: PAPER - I ::


Livestock industry - its scope and potential. Human population in relation to wild life.

Significance of wild life.

Animal Genetics and Breeding

Animal Genetics: Mendelian inheritance, Expression of genes, linkage and crossing over, Sex influenced and sex linked characters. Chromosomal aberration and gene structure, DNA as genetic material, recombinant DNA technology, mutation Quantitative vs Qualitative traits. Forces changing gene frequency.

Animal Breeding: Breeding systems-Inbreeding, out breeding, up grading, hybridization, Cross breeding and out crossing system, selection and their merits, Genetic improvement of cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goat, swine, horses, Poultry and wild animals.

Adaptation to the environment

Thermal balance in animals, direct and indirect effects of weather on animals, Loss of water from body, Growth rate and body weight. Photo sensitive disorder.


Animal diseases:

Immunity and vaccination: Principles and method of immunization of animals against specific diseases.

Herd immunity, disease free zone, zero disease concept.

Diseases of cattle, Cow, Buffalo, sheep, goats and wild animals-Etiology symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, control and treatment of Antrax, Haemorrhagic Septicaemia, Black quarter, mastitis, tuberculosis, John's disease, foot and mouth disease, Rinder pest, Rabies, Trypnosomiasis, milk fever and trympanitis, diseases of newly born calf. Disease of poultry - Etiology Symtoms, diagnosis, prevention, control and treatment of Ranikhet disease, Fowl pox,Anian leucosis complex, Marek's diseases and Gumboro Disease.

Diseases of swine- swine fever, and hog cholera, diseases of Dog- Canine distemper, Parvo disease, Rabies in pets in relation to human health.

Veterinary Public Health- Zoonosis and zoonotic disease. Veterinary Jurisprudence- rule and regulations for improvement of animals, quality and prevention of animal disease, Materials and methods for collection and samples for veterolegal investigation.

Extention- Principles of extention, different methods adopted to educate the farmers under rural conditions.

Generation of technology- Its transfer and feed back. Problems and constrains in transfer of technologyAnimal husbandry programmes for rural development.

:: Paper - II ::


A- Animal Nutrition: General nutritional considerations, Energy and Protein nutrition, Mineral and vitamin nutrition, Hormones and additives. Evaluation of nutritional value of feeds. Ruminant and non-ruminant nutrition of animals. Meeting nutritional requirement of various classes of animals. Digestion, metabolism and absorption of nutrients in different types of animals grazing habit and food intake.

B- Animal Physiology

Physiological mechanisms and livestock product, Growth rate & animals production. Nervous and hormonal controlling mechanism, Physiology of Reproduction. Lactation and egg laying. Physiology of digestive system of various classes of animals including wild animals, Semen evaluation, preservation & artificial insemination in various classes of animals.


A- Livestock production & Management

General care and management of livestock - Cattle, buffalo, Goats, Sheep, Pigs and Poultry. General care and management of wild animals. Feeding and management of livestock and wild animals and under drought, Flood and other natural disaster.

Classification, grading and marketing of livestock and their products.

Milk and milk products

Milk-Collection, transportation of raw milk, quality testing and grading of raw milk, milk pasteurization, standardization, & Homogenization. Reconstituted and recombined milk.

Milk Product technology-

Production, Processing, Storage, distribution and marketing of milk products such as butter, Ghee, Khoa, Chhena, Cheese, condensed and dried milk, Ice-cream, yoghurt, Dahi and Srikhand and their testing and grading, BIS specification, legal standards, quality control and nutritive properties of various milk products.

Milk by product technology - whey products, butter milk, Lactose, and casein.

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