Free Online Test Series for UPPCS Mains Examination : General Studies (Paper - IV) - 20 September 2019

Online Test Series for UPPCS Mains Examination - 2019

General Studies (Paper - IV)

UPPSC Syllabus:

  • (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)

Section - A (Short Answer Questions)

Q. Which person has inspired you most in the development of your personality? Discuss his values? Have you inculcated these values in your personality? (8 marks/125 words)

Model Answer:

My father has inspired me most. He is a medical officer. He is very punctual and strictly follow his routine. He is very sensitive towards the needs of his patient. He is man of integrity and brokers of medicine companies or private pathologies can not enter his hospital. He is very positive in his approach and always keep his promise. His hospital is always full of patient. He is very democratic and listen each person with patience. He is a great motivator and patient feel safe and secure after meeting him.

He is very strict regarding cleanliness. He loves nature and planted many medicinal plants in our lawn. My father is a man of limited needs and he is against unnecessary shopping. He believes in the equality of all humans and treat all patient with same dedication.

With the passage of time I have automatically learned many of his values. But there is still a lot to learn. I have choosed a different field but these values help me everywhere. My friends and relatives say that my thought and behaviour is just like my father.

Note: (Choose your ideal among your family members, teachers or close relatives. It will give you flexibility in presentation of your ideas as examiner do not know about them)

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