Free Online Test Series for UPPCS Mains Examination : General Studies (Paper - IV) - 11 September 2019

Online Test Series for UPPCS Mains Examination - 2019

General Studies (Paper - IV)

UPPSC Syllabus:

  • (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)

Section - A (Short Answer Questions)

Q. "Fighting corruption is not just Good Governance. It's self defence. It's Patriotism." Joe Biden. Discuss the consequences of corruption in the light of given statement? (8 marks/125 words)

Model Answer:

In the given statement, Joe Biden discuss the need to fight corruption, which is threat to Good Governance and also endanger our self defence as well as security of our state.

Weak control on Public Administration and ambiguous division of power between political executive and bureaucracy leads to rise in corruption. Vohra Committee has written about a nexus among terrorism, drugs, smuggling and politicians, in its report.

This corruption deteriorates the quality of governance. Impartiality, transparency and accountability are three most important components of Good Governance and Corruption dilute all these three components.

Corruption is anti poor and responsible for failure of Public Distribution System, and other welfare schemes for schedule castes and schedule tribes. Corruption has a negative impact on our infrastructure including education, health and roads and degrade our environment. Corruption promote black marketing, tax evasion, raise cost of goods and services, slow down growth, increase the debt of a country and endanger its economic stability.

Corruption in defence purchases and contracts endanger the very security of a state. Scams has the power to challenge financial viability of a state. So fighting corruption is very necessary.

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