Free Online Test Series for UPPCS Mains Examination : General Studies (Paper - II) - 09 October 2019

Online Test Series for UPPCS Mains Examination - 2019

General Studies (Paper - II)

UPPSC Syllabus:

  • (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)

Section - B (Long Answer Questions)

Q. Give an outline of historical development of Indian Constitution. (12 marks/200 words)

Model Answer:


The demand for a Constitution of India was the result of the emergence consciousness of self-rule from National movements and a desire to determine its own future.


Constitutional development of India was mainly inspired by National Movements, Colonialism policies (formation of law by Britishers to contain the discontent among Indians from time to time) and foreign events (several revolutions, constitutions based on modern events).

  • The expression of the development / formation of Constitution can be traced back to the Swaraj Ordinance formed under the leadership of Tilak in 1895.

  • After the legislation in the year 1919. An article published in the magazine Harijan by Mahatama Gandhi which said about the formation of a constitution as per the will of the people of India.

  • In 1923 a bill “Commonwealth of India” presented by Sapru Committee in anall-party meeting. It was first major event in the direction of the formation of the Constitution.

  • In the year 1928 Nehru Committee was formed to determine the fundamental principle for the formation of Constitution. It was first attempt by the Indian towards the formation of Constitution for their country. It contained provisions like Fundamental Right and Dominion Status.

  • In the year 1934 the formal formulation of the constitution formation was done by M.N. Roy.

  • In Congress Working Committee, 1934 it was decided that the constitution will be developed by a Constitutional Assembly elected by adults.

  • In year 1940 in “August Resolution” proposed by Lord Linlithgow, it was said that the constitution will be formed after the war ends. It was for the first time Britishers accepted the demand of Indians for the formation of Constitution.

  • In year 1942 in “Crips Mission” for the first time it was said that the constitution will be formed solely by Indians and a constitution assembly will be formed after the war which will frame the constitution.

  • It was again repeated in the “Wavel Plan” of 1945.

  • Cabinet Mission: This mission put forward an important step towards the formation of Indian Constitution.

Formation of Constituent Assembly–

  • First meeting under the provisions of Cabinet Mission on 9 December 1946.

  • Indian Constitution was given to the Nation on 26 November, 1949.

  • Last meeting of the Constituent Assembly was on 24 January 1950 and Indian Constitution was implemented completely on 26 January 1950.


The strong and united protest through National Movements forced the Britishers for the formation of the Constitution. Consequently Indians got an inclusive, dynamic and alive constitution.

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