(Toppers Talk) UPSC Civil Services 2018 Exam

(Toppers Talk) UPSC Civil Services 2018 Exam

Toppers Name:

  • Veer Pratap Singh, AIR- 92,
  • Gaurav Gunjan, AIR-262,
  • Naveen Kumar, AIR-324,
  • Lakshman Kumar, AIR-362,
  • Yogita Sharma, AIR-384,
  • Prashant Sagar, AIR-523,
  • Jagadish Kumar, AIR-564,
  • Mintoo Lal Meena , AIR-664,

Exam Name: UPSC 2018 Exam

Civil services Journey is a rigorous one, physically and emotionally draining in the process given the complexity & vastness of the UPSC syllabus and the nature of competition. It poses tremendous challenges to each aspirant, many collapse but few conquer, emerging victorious in this battle of talent, endurance, and perseverance. In todays episode of Toppers Roundtable we talk about what goes behind the preprations of these marathon exams , how have the dynamics changed and why do UPSC exams remain the most coveted in a country like India .

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