Comprehensive All India Test Series for UPSC, IAS, Civil Services Prelims Examination - 2020

Comprehensive All India Test Series for UPSC, IAS, Civil Services Prelims Examination - 2020

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Test Series Key Features:

  • The CAIPTS will contain a total of 28 tests starting with foundation and gradually moving towards advance and applied level.
  • 17 Tests = 12 Full Length GS Tests (including 2 UPSC-CSE Prelims Previous Year Paper based) + 5 CSAT Tests (including 2 UPSC-CSE Prelims Previous Year Paper based)
  • Foundation test will be based on NCERT, NIOS and some other basic reference books, which will strengthen the fundamental knowledge/ learning of an aspirant, whereas, Advance and Applied level test will be based on standard references which will further enhance the analytical ability of the aspirants.
  • 8 full length and 2 revision tests will cover the entire syllabus and match the level of UPSC-CSE prelims examination. It will further enable the aspirants for their better evaluation of learning outcome.
  • In addition to this, the unique feature of DHYEYA IAS CAIPTS, is, four full length tests based on UPSC CSE prelims question papers of past 25 years. These tests will drive the aspirants' motives to go through the previous years question papers which is one of the important aspects of CSE preparation. It will also assist them to understand the changing nature of the questions asked in the examination.

Programme Objective:

CAIPTS is a comprehensive and integrated program which will provide CSE Aspirants a good competitive environment who are appearing in CSE-2020. In addition to this, an integrated guidance mechanism has been included in CAIPTS to keep the aspirants aligned with the true spirit of Civil Service Exam.

Structure of Test Series (CAIPTS):

Total 17 Tests

  • 12 Full Length GS Tests (including 2 UPSC-CSE Prelims Previous Year Paper based)

  • 5 CSAT Tests (including 2 UPSC-CSE Prelims Previous Year Paper based)

Approach Analysis:

Along with studying basics and reference books it is necessary to examine our knowledge through MCQs based questions which will help to build right attitude towards solving questions and reduce the rate of errors committed by aspirants.

For this, Dhyeya IAS brings “Comprehensive All India Prelims Test Series (CAIPTS)” for the aspirants which will provide a real time environment for upcoming civil services examination

:: Fee Details ::

Offline Mode:

  • Fee for Dhyeya IAS Students: 5000/-

  • Fee for Other Students: 7000/-

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:: Test Series Schedule ::

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Revision Test 16 February 2020


GS Full Test (UPSC Previous Years Paper) 23 February 2020


(Note: Current Affairs will include The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India, Business Standard, The Financial Express, Livemint, Dainik Jagran, PIB, Yojana and Kurukshetra)


GS Full Test-1 + Current Affairs (Feb. 2020) 01 March 2020


GS Full Test-2 + Current Affairs (Jan + Feb 2020) 08 March 2020


CSAT Full Test-1 08 March 2020


GS Full Test-3 + Current Affairs (May + June + July + Aug, 2019) 15 March 2020


GS Full Test-4 + Current Affairs (Sept + Oct + Nov + Dec, 2019) 22 March 2020


CSAT Full Test-2 22 March 2020


GS Full Test-5 + Current Affairs (Jan + Feb, 2020) 29 March 2020


GS Full Test-6 + Current Affairs (March, 2020) 05 April 2020


CSAT Full Test-3 05 April 2020
Test-12 GS Full Test-7 + Current Affairs (Feb + March, 2020) 12 April 2020
Test-13 GS Full Test-8 + Current Affairs (Jan + Feb + March, 2020) 19 April 2020
Test-14 CSAT Full Test-4 19 April 2020
Test-15 GS Full Test-9 (UPSC Previous Years Paper) + Current Affairs (May, 2019 to March, 2020) 26 April 2020
Test-16 GS Full Test-10 (UPSC Previous Years Paper) + Current Affairs (May, 2019 to April, 2020) 03 May 2020
Test-17 CSAT Full Test-5 03 May 2020
Note: From Test 10 onward, for Economy, Polity, Geography, Environment & Ecology and Science & Technology the topics should also be covered through Economic Survey and India Yearbook. Hence students are suggested to read respective topics from India Yearbook and Economic Survey along with aforesaid sources.

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FAQs About Test Series:

Q2. Is there any possibility of free scholarship test?
Ans. Only sectional tests will be available under scholarship program or as decided by the management.

Q3. What is the fee?

  • For Dhyeya IAS Students Rs. 5000/- (Including GST)
  • For Others Students Rs. 7000/- (Including GST)

Q4. Is there any offer or discount in case of one-time payment?
Ans. No discount is available.

Q5. What are the unique features of Dhyeya IAS CAIPTS- 2020?
Ans. Unique features of CAIPTS- 2020:

  • Four tests will be completely based on the restructured Questions of past 25 years which will provide you the opportunity to have a precise understanding of Questions‟ trend and a quick recall at one
  • Your rank will be based/published on all India basis.
  • Test paper will be on the basis of standard format containing four sets (A, B, C, D).
  • Schedule will be strictly followed.
  • Selective sources will be provided (Soft Copy format) over telegram/portal.

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