Geography (Optional) Test Series Programme for UPSC, IAS & UP-PCS Exam 2022

Test Series Features:

  • Closely Aligned to IAS Syllabus
  • Detailed Explanation & Model Answers.
  • UPSC Exam like Environment.
  • Detailed Evaluation and One to One Discussion.
  • Complete Coverage of Optional Syllabus and Contemporary Issues.
  • Personal Support & Mentorship
  • Bilingual Model answer of each question would be provided after the test.
  • Segmented as well as Full Tests

Test Details:

  • Total 8 Test (4 Sectional + 4 Full Length Test)

  • Test Series Starting from 26th June 2022

:: Fee Details ::

Offline Test Series Price : Rs. 8000

Online Test Series Price : Rs. 7000

Discount :

  • 20% For Dhyeya Students.

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Payment for Online Test Series

Test Series Price : Rs. 7000/-

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Payment for Offline Test Series

Test Series Price : Rs. 8000/-

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:: Test Series Schedule ::

Test No. Subject Source Date
Test-1 Section-A of Paper-I : Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, Soil and Vegetation, Ecosystem
  • Dhyeya IAS Optional Booklets (Paid)
  • Savindra Singh, D.S. Lal
  • G.C. Leong
26 June 2022
Test-2 Section-B of Paper-I : Evolution of Geographical Thought, Human Geography, Settlement Geography, Economic Geography, Political Geography
  • Dhyeya IAS Optional Booklets (Paid)
  • Majid Hussain, Sudipta Adhikari
3 July 2022
Test-3 Section-A of Paper-II: Physical Setting, Resources, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Communication and Trade, Political organization
  • Economic Survey
  • India Year Book
  • Indian Geography by Khuller, R.C. Tiwari
10 July 2022
Test-4 Section-B of Paper-II : Agriculture, Resources, Industries, Transport and Trade, Regional Development and Planning
  • India : People & Economy (NCERT)
  • Indian Geography by Khuller, R.C Tiwari
17 July 2022
Test-5 Full Test-1 -- 24 July 2022
Test-6 Full Test-2 -- 31 July 2022
Test-7 Full Test-3 -- 14 August 2022
Test-8 Full Test-4 -- 28 August 2022