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1. Environment:

We have divided this section in 4 broad sub-sections. First, conceptual aspect. Here unconventional topics related to environment have been covered. Second, Global Initiatives. In this section, various international convention and initiatives have been covered. Third, Domestic Initiative. It includes legislations and projects undertaken by government of India related to environment. Fourth, Environment Related Organizations. This sub-section covers both domestic and international organizations.

2. Economy and Social Development:

In this section a holistic coverage of all the basic concepts as well differents concepts in news have been covered.

3. Polity:

It has been tried to avoid static part, which is available in standard text book, even if they were in news. Supreme Court judgments are also not asked in PT. So, they have also been avoided to save time of students.

4. International Relation:

This section is prepared with a view to provide holistic perspective of International happenings. It covers major international events alongwith static part- Organisations, Groupings and Treaties.

Organizations - UPSC frequently asks about organizations. We have extensively covered National and International Organizations including various UN bodies. Some of the national organizations have been included to help in comparative  stduies.

Index, Ranking and Reports: Various rankings which were in news or which are released by renowned Indian and International organizations have been covered. Some less significant one have been omitted as UPSC focuses on familiar ones.

5. Science and Technology:

This section covers certain important technologies, which were in news. Some very technical things have been avoided as UPSC doesn’t ask them. Space mission have been given extensive coverage.

6. Government Schemes:

This section has also been comprehensively covered. After this extensive coverage, it is believed that students won’t need to look after any other source for government schemes.

It has been observed that apart from the schemes, certain important projects are asked by UPSC. We have put them together under one section

7. Defense Capability of India:

This section covers Defense and security related aspects like missile capability, aircraft carriers etc. The coverage is comprehensive.

8. Miscellaneous Themes of Preliminary Examination:

In recent years, UPSC is asking certain unconventional themes like committees, certifications, ratings etc. We have tried to capture certain trends.