Corona Impact over Society - Daily Current Affair Article for UPSC, IAS, Civil Services and State PCS Examinations

Corona Impact over Society - Daily Current Affair Article for UPSC, IAS, Civil Services and State PCS Examinations


Corona virus is showing significant impact on Indian public life and society.

Introduction :-

Looking at the history of epidemics, it shows that when a disease spreads over the world, it not only transforms people's lives, but also dramatically affects the way business, politics and economies operate. Puts. A disease called Kovid-19 i.e. Corona virus infection will lead to radical changes in the society which are as follows.

Daily life and routine: -

  • Now a days it is a normal human behavior not to keep distance with their family, friends, colleagues and hitchhikers as if they came from outstation. That is, shake hands with them when needed, and hug them if there is any opportunity.
  • Participate in mass events, such as birthdays or promotion parties, weddings, and other public functions.
  • After the aggressive infection of the corona, it has become necessary to bring the necessary changes to all these normal routines, as far as possible. Now even such advice is being given that if your behavior in public places is not friendly but also a bit hostile, then it should be considered as normal behavior in this transitional phase. Not only this, it will not be surprising if someone is seen behaving bitterly in case of distance from the patient suffering from infectious disease.
  • Due to some incidents, such situations are being created that people are showing such strict attitude towards their own neighbors returning from abroad and employees engaged in the operation of airlines, as if they have made a mistake by doing so.
  • In the same way, although instructions have been given to wear masks on the mouth and wash hands from time to time, there are more people on these precautions in the world after corona.
  • It has been found that due to ignoring the common cold, many times diseases take chaotic form, so it is possible to improve this issues as well.

Question mark on urbanization

  • After industrialization, the world's biggest focus has been on how to raise the standard of living of the people and manage the amenities that make a person who is disturbed by the nature , stay comfortablly in their homes. Could stay Most of these arrangements alienated man from nature. Due to this, that urbanization grew, due to which more than half of the world's population is inhabited in cities today. Cities have their own conditions of residence. When there was a shortage of land to live here, flat culture flourished in tall buildings.
  • Corona's transition to this metropolitan culture has been the most affected. It is clear from the data from the country and world that almost all the patients of this disease are urban. They returned to their cities on foreign trips, which led to the transition to other towns. On the announcements of lockdown, most of the cities returning from trains to their original places are workers who want to travel to the countryside to save their lives. The strange irony is that cities, which are considered centers of employment, amenities and development, have become the biggest threat in one stroke today.
  • Not only the Wuhan city of China (from where the corona infection has sprung out), but every city in the world today seems to be the foundation of the problem where people from other cities and countries of this global happening world- Keeps going. It is quite possible that by seeing such a plight of urbanization that has become a symbol of development and strength, the planners will present a new outline of the cities, in which not only will the facilities be managed, but people are not exposed to infectious diseases in one stroke - its Arrangements will also be made.

Science and Environment:

  • A view of the global disaster of Corona has also been made that since governments have stopped paying attention to the warnings of scientists and environmentalists, the nature is taking revenge on its own.
  • The tendency to impose national interest on agreements such as the Paris Climate Convention has become a crisis for humanity. This is not a general accusation.
  • In the last 50 years, apart from the spread of various diseases like SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Dengue, Encephalitis, AIDS, problems like Global Warming have increased the difficulties of life on this earth and on this person.
  • Frequency of natural disasters like floods, droughts, earthquakes have increased and their strength has also increased. The melting of glaciers other than the poles has been accelerated as the temperature increases. It is being learned that as the global warming increases, drought-flood-storm frequency will increase, glaciers will melt, sea level will rise and tropical diseases increase due to continuous increase in emission of greenhouse gases etc. Will happen. This fluctuation in temperature will also affect agriculture, due to which 40 crore people in the world can reach the stage of starvation.
  • Former Chief Economist of the World Bank, Nicholas Stein __ says that if there is further delay in dealing with global warming then in future we may have to pay 20 times more of this delay. It is clear from the uncontrollable situation that no more hygiene can be done with the signs of nature. There is a ray of light left in the entire dark darkness, as the world now has the technology to control the emission of greenhouse gases, but due to its use and insistence to stay out of emission reduction agreements, life itself is all the time Remains in crisis
  • Due to these reasons, there is a risk of small disease turning into an epidemic. It may be due to the Corona episode that these warnings of science are now taken seriously by the whole world including America and try to live up to the resolutions to change these conditions.

Health preparedness

  • In the form of infection, the crisis of the world, which is suffering from the new disaster, is seen to increase even more because the population-rich countries like India neither have adequate medical facilities nor governments spend more on the health of the citizens. Difficulties arising from the corona increased when it came to know that we have only 40 thousand ventilators for the 1.3 billion population of the country, whereas the number of ventilators in America, which is much less populated than us, is one lakh 70 thousand. This difference only explains why our country needs to lockdown for 21 days.
  • If the lockdown measures are not tried and the normal routine of the people continues, then we do not have the system to treat the huge population getting infected.
  • In addition, in the last 10-12 years, the cost of treatment has gone up by 300 percent and most families pay 60 to 80 percent of the treatment expenses from their income outside of insurance and sometimes their financial condition gets worse. . Till now governments have not contributed much in the health sector of the country.
  • Also, there are no less scams in the government health sector of the country, this has been proved by scams like NRHM. Due to lack of proper control over the cost of essential medicines, common people are getting worried about their health.
  • The statistics about medicines prescribed to general patients admitted in government hospitals is that at present only 9% medicines are given from hospitals, all other medicines have to be imported from outside. All these facts and figures are proving that if our governments took any concrete lesson from the Corona case and made adequate reforms in the health sector, then no infection would create the kind of mischief as it is today.

Globalization: -

  • Somewhere this corona effect will reduce the trend of globalization. Because of the mobilization in the world, this virus has reached various countries from China.

General Studies Paper- I

  • Indian Society

Mains Question:-

  • Epidemics like Corona indicate a very important change in society? Do you agree with the statement? Give an argument in favor of your answer?

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