The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 30 July 2019

The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 30 July 2019

1. The Prime Minister released the results of the fourth cycle of tiger estimation-

  • On the occasion of World Tiger Day, the Prime Minister released results of the fourth round of Tiger All-India Estimate -2018 at his residence in New Delhi.
  • According to the survey, the number of tigers in India increased to 2967 in 2018.
  • On this occasion, the Prime Minister described this as a historical achievement for India and reiterated India's commitment towards protection of tigers. The Prime Minister appreciated the speed and dedication of various stakeholders working for achieving this goal. He described it as a perfect example of accomplishment from resolution He said that whenever the people of India are determined to do something once, no strength prevents them from achieving desired results.
  • The Prime Minister said that with nearly 3,000 tigers, India has become the largest and most secure habit today.
  • He said that a broad base and holistic approach is necessary for environmental protection. The Prime Minister said that it is possible to maintain a healthy balance between development and environment. He said, 'In our policies, our economies, we have to change our interactive role of natural conservation.'
  • India will build some more houses for its citizens and also create quality natural habitats for living organisms. India will have an attractive sea economy and a healthy marine ecology. The Prime Minister stressed that this balance will contribute to a strong and holistic India.
  • The Prime Minister expressed confidence that India will be rich in economic and environmental terms; India will build more roads and its rivers will be clean; India will have better train connectivity and there will be more number of trees.
  • The Prime Minister said that in the last five years, the pace of work has increased for the next generation infrastructure, forest area in the country has also increased. 'Protected areas' have also increased. In the year 2014, there were 692 protected areas, which increased in 2019 to more than 860. The number of 'community refugees' has also increased to 100, which was only 43 in 2014.
  • He said that India is making continuous efforts to make our economy 'clean fuel based' and 'renewable energy based'. He said that 'garbage' and 'biomass' prepare a large part of India's energy security. He mentioned the progress made in LPG connections and plans for LED bulbs, respectively, in bright and bright colors.

2. 100th warship of Garden Research Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd, included in LCU-56 in Visakhapatnam

  • Eastern Naval Command today included sixth Mark IV of Fight Landing Craft Utility (LCU) category in LCU L-56 in Visakhapatnam. This warship is the 100th warship of the Green Ratna category-1 in Calcutta and the country's leading shipyard Garden Rich Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited (GRSE).
  • The main work of LCU Mark IV is to carry the ship from the coast to the main fighter tanks, armored vehicles, pieces and equipment. This warship is in the Andaman and Nicobar Command and it is deployed in coastal operations, rescue relief work, disaster relief work, supply and compensation, and withdrawal from distant islands. 216 workers can live in this warship. It is equipped with two indigenous CRN-91 guns supporting the cannon during the landing work. It has state-of-the-art equipment and advanced systems such as Integrated Bridge System (IBS) and Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) have been installed.
  • In order to achieve the goal of self-reliance and indigenization in LCU IV IV warship, 90 percent of the components are indigenous according to the Government of India's Make in India program.
  • The LCU Mark IV warship is an advanced version of the Marc III LCU ships being used by the Indian Navy.

3. Sniper Frontier Competition: 2019

  • 9 members of the Indian Army have left for Belarus to participate in the Sniper Frontier Competition. This competition is part of the International Military Games which will run from 03 August to 17 August 2019 in Belarus. In this 13-day competition, there will be a deep sniper competition in which participants will see mental, physical and firing skills.
  • There are more than 23 countries to participate in this competition, including Russia and China.
  • Lieutenant General D. Nebu, Chief of the sub-continent, negotiated with the corps before departing from Belarus. To participate in the competition, the Indian Army team has received hard training. Our best wishes are with them.

4. Memorandum of Understanding on Defense Cooperation between India and Myanmar

  • Myanmar's Commander-in-Chief, Senior General of the Defense Department (CDS), Min Ang Hanging (MAH) is on an official visit to India from July 25 to August 2, 2019.
  • The Minister of State of Minor interacted with the Chief of the Defense Department (CDS), Commander-in-Chief, Myanmar, Senior General Min Ang Hling. During the interaction, senior officials of both sides were also present. During the meeting, discussions were taken to increase defense cooperation between the two countries, joint exercises and training to the Myanmar defense services were reviewed. Apart from this, issues of strengthening maritime security, medical cooperation, combat pollution and development of new infrastructure were discussed under joint monitoring.

Courtesy: PIB