The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 29 July 2019

The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 29 July 2019

1. Accessible Elections; A successful effort of the Election Commission of India during Lok Sabha elections 2019 -

  • The aim of "accessible elections" was one of the many innovative initiatives of the Election Commission, which commissioned the world's largest democratic process to become inclusive and participant for everyone. During this election, special focus was given to ensure the participation of the Divas. Of the 910 million voters, a total of 62,63,701 voters were registered.
    Convenience for Divya
  • Divination and senior citizen voters were mapping the polling booths so that they could be provided targeted and need based support for the elections. During the elections, all the polling stations were equipped with adequate supply of wheel chairs and it was ensured that there was a strong ramp arrangement for all the polling booths for Divya Jan voters. During the Lok Sabha elections 2019, there was a sign language expert, identifying and transportation facility in all polling stations.
  • During the nomination process, the registration campaign was launched at every door for the convenience of the devotees. A special mobile application was also created by the Commission for easy registration. On election day, the voters could also avail the facilities of special volunteers through the transport, wheelchairs and this app.
  • Special emphasis was placed on making the employees associated with the elections sensitive to the specific needs of the people. Facilities for facilitating easy and convenient voting experience were provided to the elderly and the Divyanjan voters on priority basis in the polling booth. Apart from this, they were also given the facility of special workers who assisted and guided their polling stations.

Braille Indicator on Electronic Voting Machine and Voter Photo ID

During this election in the area of providing convenience for all, many things were done for the first time; Brail Indicators were used in EVMs used during election during the election to assist the visually impaired voters. It was for the first time that the visually impaired voters were provided EPIC with Braille. There were also braille indicators on other documents such as voters' slip, voter directory. Accessibility Supervisors were arranged which ensured that all polling stations were accessible to the people.

Assured minimum facilities

There was adequate furniture, sheds, and toilets for the voters for the clean drinking water on the polling stations, the voters standing in the queue for convenience and ease of voters. Facilities like medical assistance with basic supplies were provided on the day of polling. Crèches had a proper arrangement with a trained helper for the children coming with the voters. More information about the assured minimum facilities is available.

Special initiative by state CEO

Apart from nationwide initiatives, states have also innovated and enhanced the sense of accessibility. Initiative of Divyang Sarathi and Divyang Doli was started in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir's mountain areas, so that facilities could be made available to Divisions and senior citizens. In Delhi, the officials took the initiative to provide Magnificent Sheet at each polling station for the convenience of low-lying voters. In order to show the sense of gratitude, the Delhi CEO's Office honored the Shatyu voters and made special services on the day of voting while respecting the contribution of the voters in the democracy.

2. CRPF celebrated 81st Foundation Day-

On the occasion of his 81st Raising Day, the CRPF presented a tribute to the people of the National Police Memorial, New Delhi, who sacrificed their life for the nation. Today, another memorial festival is organized on India Gate, in which the Union Home Minister will be the Chief Guest. In this function which lasted for more than one hour, the CRPF music band display will be flagged by the female Daredevils of Force and the Rapid Action Force Cycle campaign from Ahmedabad, which will be concluded today at India Gate.

3. Business Security, Health and Work Status Code Bill, 2019 -

  • To introduce amendments to regulatory regulations for occupational safety, health and work conditions, introduced the Business Security, Health and Work Status Code Bill, 2019. Shri Gangwar said that the proposed bill is being presented after extensive discussions with labor unions, employers and all other stakeholders.
  • Safety, health, welfare and better working conditions are also essential for the welfare of the workers and for the economic development of the country as the country's healthy workforce will be more productive and the reduction in accidents and unexpected events will make the employers financially beneficial.
  • In addition to increasing the scope of occupational safety, health and work conditions in all areas, other important features of the Code of Business Safety, Health and Work Conditions are as follows:
  1. There is a provision of comprehensive legislative framework in the Code, which is helpful in making rules, regulations and making sub-method according to the requirements of different areas. As a result, the number of articles in the Code has decreased from 622 to 134. This will simplify the law and there will be room for change in the evolving technology and the law will be dynamic.
  2. A bill has been proposed for an establishment in exchange for multiple registrations in the bill. Now among the 13 labor laws, there is a separate registration system for the establishment. This will create a centralized data base and encourage business facilitation. There is a need for separate registration under the 6 laws.
  3. The employer will provide annual free facility of prescribed health check for the personnel of the scheduled establishment. This will increase the product as it will be possible to detect the disease. Coverage of employees of a certain age will be encouraged for health testing.
  4. For the first time in the Code, the statutory provision has been made for each employee of the establishment with minimum information fixed by the government. Rozgar will be formalized and the employee's exploitation will stop from the provision of appointment letter.
  5. Under the five labor laws, the place of many committees will be taken by a National Commercial Safety and Health Advisory Board. The National Board will be trilateral in nature and will be represented by trade unions, employer organizations and state governments. This will reduce the number of bodies / committees in different laws and make a simple and coordinated policy.
  6. There will be a provision for the creation of a bilateral Security Committee in any category establishment by the Government. This will encourage the safety and healthy working environment in the establishment. The participation of the Committee will be encouraged in the implementation of decisions taken by the management from the original form.
  7. In the event of death or serious injury of a person, a part of the penalty on the violation of the provisions relating to the duties of the employer will be given to the victim or the legal heir of the person suffering from the court. This part of the penalty will be assisted by the injured personnel or the financial assistance of the deceased's family.
  8. Presently there are different conditions for implementing various provisions like Crèche, Canteen, First Aid, Welfare Officer in various laws. For all the establishments in the proposed Code, there is a uniform provision for the welfare of their employees as far as practically possible.
  9. In the case of fixed establishments, women will have to seek permission to work before 6:00 PM and before 6.00 p.m. under the security, holidays, hours of work or other conditions laid down by the government. But it will happen only after getting their consent for the night work. This will encourage gender equality and it is in line with the demands of various forums including international organizations. Due to the consent of consent and desire of women employees for night work, misuse of provision will be avoided.
  10. 13 Labor laws will save time in terms of time and resources and establishment efforts by providing a license and a return on a number of licenses and returns.

Courtesy: PIB