The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 03 August 2019

The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 03 August 2019

1. Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2019-20 (Series III) -

  • Government of India notification no. 4 (7) - In the context of W & M / 2019 dated May 30, 2019 and Press Release dated 31st May, 2019, Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2019-20 (Series III) will be open from August 5 to 9 August 2019. The issue price of the bond during the subscription period (subscription period) will be Rs. 3,499 (Rupees 3, 4, 4, 4, 000) with the settlement date of August 14, 2019, as the RBI published in its press release on August 2, 2019. did.
  • The Government of India, in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, has decided to allow a rebate of 50 rupees (only fifty rupees) per issue in the issue price to investors who apply online and payment is made through digital mode. . The issue price of gold bond for such investors is Rs. 3,449 rupees (three thousand four hundred ninety-nine rupees) will be per gram.

2. The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2019 -

  • The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2019 was also passed by the Rajya Sabha today. Speaking on the bill, the Union Home Minister, Shri Amit Shah said that terrorism-fighting agencies will have to work four steps further, that terrorism will end and the purpose of these proposed amendments is to provide speedy trial of terrorist crimes and facilitate prosecution. .
  • This amendment empowers the DG NIA to seize property that is linked to terrorism in connection with the investigation being conducted by the NIA. He also said that the NIA's conviction rate is 91 percent, which is global at the global level.

3. Pashmina products got BIS certificate-

  • The Bureau of Indian Standards has put the process of bringing the identity, sign and label of Pashmina products to the purity of Indian products within the purview of the Indian standard. The standards were released today in Leh. Certification will prevent adulteration of pashmina products and protect the interests of nomadic artisans and local artisans who make pashmina raw materials. This will also ensure purity of pashmina for the consumers.
  • It is worth mentioning that the nomadic pashmina goat foster community live in inaccessible places of Chhangthang and depend on pashmina for livelihood. Presently 2400 families are rearing two and a half lakh goats. Pashmina's BIS certification will protect the interests of these families and attract younger generations to this business. Apart from this, other families will also be encouraged to adopt this business. Ladakh produces the most advanced variety of pashmina in the world. At present, there is a production of 50 MT of pashmina. The Ministry of Textiles proposes to set up a plant at Leh to cut goats' hair at a cost of Rs 20 crore. The above steps will increase the pashmina production of Ladakh.
  • Chhangthangi or Pashmina goat is found in the higher reaches of Ladakh. They are reared for the finest Kashmiri wool. It is woven by hand and originated in Kashmir. Chongthangi goat hair is very thick and gives the best pashmina in the world with thickness between 12-15 microns.
  • These goats are reared at home and are raised by a nomadic community called Chhangpa in Chhangthang area of Greater Ladakh. The economy has been restored in Chhangthang, Leh and Ladakh region due to Chhangthangi goats.

Courtesy: PIB