The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 02 September 2019

The Gist of PIB in English for UPSC, UPPSC/UPPCS, MPSC, BPSC & All State PCS Exams - 02 September 2019

1. Launch of e-course on 'Embarkation' campaign and hypersensitivity atlas-

  • The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Housing and Urban Affairs today launched a campaign for change management 'adoption' and an e-course on India's Vulnerability Atlas ie Vulnerability Atlas of India.
  • Adoption has been introduced to change social behavior in line with the Prime Minister's vision. It focuses on issues such as water and energy conservation, waste management, health, plantation, sanitation and hygiene for community beneficiaries under PMAY (U) through community mobilization and IEC activities. This campaign will run in conjunction with the plans and missions of other ministries dealing with these subjects. It will focus on the beneficiaries of PMAY (U) for gas connections, especially Ujjwala and Ayushman Bharat for health insurance.
  • So far, about 88 lakh houses have been sanctioned under PMAY (U) in return for the demand of 1.12 crore. The goal of the adoption is to reach all the beneficiaries of the mission in a phased manner. In all the targeted cities, this campaign will start after the initial phase on October 2, 2019, on the occasion of 159th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. It will conclude on 10 December 2019 on the occasion of Human Rights Day. The campaign will cover door-to-door activities, ward and city level programs.
  • The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, in collaboration with the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi and the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), has offered an e-course on hypersensitivity atlas. It is a unique course, which provides awareness and understanding of natural hazards. It helps in identifying the areas with high sensitivity in view of various hazards (earthquake, cyclone, landslide, flood etc.) and clearly states the district-wise level of risk of damage to the existing residential stock. This e-course will be an effective and efficient tool for disaster mitigation and management in the fields of architecture i.e. architecture, civil engineering, urban and regional planning, housing and infrastructure planning, construction engineering and management and building and materials research. Registration for e-course on the hypersensitivity atlas of India can be done through the SPA website
  • On the occasion of the inauguration of India's Construction Technology (CTI-2019), Hon'ble Prime Minister ordered to make possible "accessible accommodation" for the beneficiaries of PMAY (U) and include safety provisions related to hazards in all construction works. Was stressed. The Ministry has initiated these initiatives as part of a 100-day agenda in this direction.

2. Prime Minister launches Fit India campaign -

  • The Prime Minister launched the Fit India campaign at a function held in New Delhi on the occasion of National Sports Day today. The Prime Minister urged the countrymen to make fitness a part of their lifestyle.
  • Inaugurating the mass campaign on the birthday of Major Dhyanchand, the Prime Minister paid tribute to India's sporting paradigm Major Dhyanchand, who won the heart of the world with his sports and technology. He congratulated the young players of the country who waved the tricolor on the world stage with their efforts.
  • The Prime Minister said that the medals of these players are not only the result of their hard work but also a glimpse of the passion and new faith of the new India.
  • The Prime Minister said that the Fit India campaign should become a national goal and its ambition. Trying to excite the country, the Prime Minister said that the Fit India campaign can be started by the government but it will have to be led by the people and it will have to be successful.
  • The Prime Minister said that success is related to fitness and there is a commonality in the success of people who set the pattern in any area of life and they want to stay fit, pay attention to fitness and want fitness.
  • The Prime Minister said, “Technology has reduced our physical ability and taken away our fitness habits and today we have become ignorant of our traditional practices and lifestyle, which can keep us healthy. Over time our society has distanced itself from giving less importance to fitness. Earlier a person walked many kilometers on foot or bicycle, today the mobile app tells us how many steps we have taken. ”
  • The Prime Minister said, “Lifestyle diseases are increasing in India today and it is affecting the youth too. Cases of diabetes and hypertension are increasing and even in India children are getting these diseases. But minor lifestyle changes can prevent these lifestyle-related diseases. The Fit India campaign is an attempt to bring about minor changes in lifestyle. ”
  • The Prime Minister said that people associated with any profession can play a more effective role in their profession if they remain mentally and physically fit. If the body is fit then you are mentally fit also. Sports is directly related to fitness. But the Fit India campaign aims to go beyond fitness. Fitness is not just a word, but an essential pillar of a healthy and prosperous life. When we prepare ourselves for battle, we make the country strong like iron. Fitness is part of our historical heritage. There are fitness related sports and games in every corner of India. While preparing the body, the mind is also educated by paying more attention to the body parts and creating synergy between the body parts. A healthy India, a healthy family and a healthy society requires that a new India be made a fit India.
  • The Prime Minister said that healthy people, healthy families and healthy society are the way to make new India the best. Today on National Sports Day, we pledge to strengthen the Fit India campaign.

3. GEM and SIDBI signed agreement for the advancement of MSMEs, start-ups and women entrepreneurs-

  • Ministry of Government, Commerce and Industry for the benefit of various loan beneficiaries under micro, small and medium scale industries, women entrepreneurs, self-help groups, women self-help groups, help currency 'and-stand-up India' scheme. Marketplace (GEM) signed an MoU with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). The MoU was signed in New Delhi yesterday. The agreement will encourage start-up runways in collaboration with GEM's special initiatives such as 'Womaniya' and SIDBI stakeholders.

4. GST Revenue Collection for August, 2019-

  • Total GST revenue of Rs 98,202 crore has been collected in the month of August 2019, including CGST of Rs 17,733 crore, SGST of Rs 24,239 crore, IGST, Rs 48,958 crore (Rs 24,895 crore collected on imports) and Rs 7,273 crore . . Cess (including Rs. 841 crore on imports) The total number of GSTR 3B returns filed for the month of July on July 31, 2019 is 75.80 lakhs.
  • Government has given Rs 23,165 crore as regular settlement to CGST and Rs 16,623 crore from SGST to SGST. The total revenue earned after regular settlement by the central government and state governments in the month of August, 2019, is Rs 40,898 crore for CGST and Rs 40,862 crore for SGST.
  • Revenue in August 2018 was Rs 93,960 crore and during August, 2019, revenue has increased by 4.51% as compared to revenue of same month of previous year. The domestic component has increased by 9.11% during April-August, 2019 as compared to 2018 while GST on imports has decreased by 1.43% and total collections have increased by 6.38%. In the month of August, 2019, due to floods, the due date for filing returns was extended for one month in 58 districts in 7 states.
  • Rs 27,955 crore has been released to the states as GST compensation for the months of June-July, 2019.

5. The Election Commission launched a one stop solution to verify and authenticate voter details -

On September 1, 2019, a special camp was organized at the Election Commission of India headquarters in New Delhi to mark the launch of the Mega Million 'million electrification program' across the country. The main objectives of the program are to improve the voter list, provide better voting services to the citizens and improve communication between the Commission and the voters. In 32 states / union territories, 700 DEOs in districts and about 10 lakh polling stations, BLO / ERO has initiated the program at all levels in the country. This program will run from September 1, 2019 to October 15, 2019. Tenders can avail the following facilities by visiting the NVSP portal ( or voter helpline app or shared service centers or any polling facility.

  • Detection and correction of current statement
  • Verification / authentication of entries through the following documents: (1) Indian passport (2) Driving license (3) Aadhaar card (4) Ration card (5) Identity card of government / semi-government personnel (6) Bank account (7) ) Farmer Identification Card (8) Pen Card (9) Smart Card issued by RGI (10) Latest Bill of Water / Electricity / Telephone / Gas Connection
  • To give details of family members and check their entries
  • Updating the details of family members with names in the voter list, family members whose names are in the voter list and who have permanently moved to other places or who have died.
  • To furnish details of eligible family members born on or before January 1, 2001 and potential voters who were born between January 2, 2002 to January 1, 2003 and are living with the voter
  • Adding housing GIS through mobile app for better voting services
  • Sharing experience about the current polling station and information about any other alternative polling station.

By authentication of details and sharing of mobile number, voters will be given information related to online application status, EPIC status, polling day announcements, voter slip etc. on their registered email and mobile number. Voter list changes, polling station details All polling station information related to changes in BLO / ERO will be shared with voters.

On this occasion, Election Commission personnel verified and certified the details of themselves and their families.

Courtesy: PIB