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Why in News?

The Central Government will soon launch this unique land purse identification number for all landholdings.


  • The Central Government is initiating a scheme to issue a 14-digit identification number to each plot of the country. In this scheme, each land will be issued a unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN). This number is being called the "Aadhaar Number" of the lands.
  • This initiative will be started in 10 states in the year 2021 and will be implemented across the country by March 2022. There are indications of increased efficiency in land record procedures through this scheme.
  • Prior to this initiative, the Uttar Pradesh government had prepared a land identification number of 16 digits based on Khasra-Khatouni

About Unique Land Parcel Identification Number

  • It will be an identification number of 14 digits which will be determined based on Geo Reference Code vertices like Longitude, Latitude of the lands.
  • It can be commonly referred to as the "Aadhaar of Lands ".
  • This scheme will ensure the establishment of a land bank and integrated land information management.
  • The scheme is being rolled out as the next phase of Digital India Land Record Modernization.

Benefit from this initiative

Capacity enhancement of Institutions: -

  • We often see that a long administrative system is developed at the “tehsil level” in land-related matters. The capacity of the organizations is reduced due to the large population, dwindling landholding, and inadequate administrative systems. Unique Land Parcel Identification Number will bring clarity to the system.

Get rid of corruption: -

  • It is often seen that with the complicity of land mafia and bureaucracy, many lands are illegally occupied. In which land of poor farmers and government land also included. Once the unique land parcel identification number is created, this trend will decrease.

Decrease in fraud: -

  • In the real estate sector, the same land is fraudulently given to multiple customers. Along with this, there are cases of fraud in the sale and purchase of land at the rural level as well. This deception is often due to uncertainty in the context of the land. Unique Land Parcel Identification Number will ensure land norms and reduce fraud.

Uniformity in land measurement: -

  • Today in India, there are different criteria of land measurement at different places. The unique land parcel identification number will bring uniformity across the country.

Other benefits

  • There will be a decline in land-related cases in the civil court.
  • Single window clearance in land-related matters will increase administrative efficiency.
  • There will be ease in sharing of land record data among various departments, financial institutions, and all stakeholders.
  • This plan will also reduce the cost of arranging land records. According to the government, after linking Aadhaar with the unique Land Parcel Identification Number, an expenditure of Rs 3 will be incurred in arranging the records of a person.

Digital India Land Records Modernization Program

  • Digital India Land Records Modernization Program was launched in 2008 by the Government of India. It was formerly known as National Land Records Modernization.
  • It was launched to modernize the management of land records, reduce the scope of land/property disputes, increasing transparency in the land records maintenance system, and facilitating guaranteed decisive rights for immovable properties in the country.
  • In this program, land ownership is changed, digitization of maps, integration of spatial data, survey / re-survey, and computerization of all land records including land records.

The conclusion

Land in India is considered as a symbol of social status rather than economic. Therefore, there is a great need for land-related reforms. In India, land-related disputes have increased due to problems such as constantly decreasing land holding, increasing population, corruption, land mafia. This initiative is a significant effort in diagnosing these problems.

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Mains Question:-

  • The central government's plan to give identification numbers to each plot of land will increase the capacity of land-related activities in India. Do you agree with the statement? Give an argument in favor of your answer?