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Recently due to the increasing cases of Covid-19, the government has given guidelines for the protection of the disabled.


  • COVID 19 is affecting the entire public, but due to physical, sensory, and knowledge-related limitations, PwD is more likely to be affected by the disease. Because of this, there is a need to understand their disability-specific requirements, activities of daily living and to take appropriate and timely measures to ensure their safety and protection during this condition.
  • In the context of Corona's outbreak in 2019, a report presented by the National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled Persons had presented similar facts. A survey conducted on the Person with disabilities showed that about 63% of persons with disabilities are essential and government financial. There are difficulties in getting help. Subsequently, necessary measures were taken by the Department of Disability Empowerment of the Government.

Facility for PwDs

  • Section 8 of the PwD Act 2016 guarantees equal protection and protection for PwDs under these conditions. It also mandates Disaster Management Authorities at the district/state / national level to take measures to involve Divine Gazans in disaster management activities and to make them duly informed about the same.

Status of Person with disabilities in India: -

  • According to the 2011 census, there is about 2.68 crores disabled population in India, which is 2.21% of the total population. It has a population of 1.5 crore male and 1.18 crore female population. 69% of this population lives in rural areas.

Factors of Disability: -

  • Poverty, malnutrition, war, and criminal activities are the main causes of disability. Along with this, some disability occurs from birth itself.

The problem of Person with disabilities: -

  • Emotional inferiority: - The biggest problem of Person with disabilities is emotional inferiority. Due to its shortcomings, it creates a sense of inferiority in them, which hinders their development.
  • Distance from essential facilities: - The most problem for disabled people is the distance from their health, employment facility. Which makes them more vulnerable.
  • Social boycott: - Disabled people have to face social boycott. Which leads to a deterioration in their social status, this condition makes them prone to depression by making them a victim of mental harassment. To remove this social exclusion, from 2016, the use of the word Person with disabilities started in place of the handicapped.
  • Not exercising rights: - Person with disabilities public speech and expression get away from dignified life, due to which they are not able to exercise their rights.
  • Inadequate data: - Inadequate data concerning them removes their access to good governance.

Legal measures about Person with disabilities: -

  • Constitutional measures: Article 41 of the Indian Constitution's policy element provides for the assistance of the differently-abled. With this, Article 21 provides for a dignified life
  • Situatory measures: - There is a provision of adequate protection for them in the Person with disabilities Public Rights Act.
  • State List in the Seventh Schedule of the Disability Security Amendment.

Government Initiative

Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan:

  • A nationwide major campaign to achieve universal access that will enable persons with disabilities to have access to equal opportunity and live independently and participate fully in all aspects of life in an inclusive society.
  • This campaign is targeted at the environment, traffic, information, and communication.

Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme:

  • Under this scheme, NGOs are provided with financial assistance to provide various services to persons with disabilities, such as special schools, vocational training centers, community-based rehabilitation,

National Fellowship for Students (RGMF)

  • The objective of the scheme is to increase opportunities for students with disabilities for higher education.
  • Under the scheme, 200 fellowships per year are offered to students with disabilities.

The way forward: -

Person with disabilities people are a very disadvantaged class. Their problems and situation demand different solutions than normal people. Also, the Corona-related guidelines were given to disabled people last year. In this epidemic, the protection of the disabled is of particular importance.

General Studies Paper 2
  • Social Justice
  • Welfare schemes for the most sensitive sections of the population by the Center and the states and the performance of these schemes;
  • Mechanisms, laws, institutions, and bodies set up for the protection and betterment of these very sensitive sections.

Mains Question:-

  • Discuss the status of disabled people in India? What steps does the government take for the improvement of this class in normal and odd circumstances?