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Amidst the immoral behaviour seeding in from America to Afghanistan's own president, it's time to look at what morality is and how it affects and digresses character starting from an individual and ending at International level.


Aristotle believes that Politics is the ethics of the State. An individual's morality finds its end in the State, and isn't possible without State. Welfare of the citizens is the objective of the State. Thus, the 'State' here refers to any authority dominant over any individual or group of individuals. Therefore, any lacunae or infringement of the ethical duty leads to immorality or moral disaster.


1. Individual level:

  • When an individual lacks in his moral responsibility, he harms his own future.
  • He even threatens to pollute his family, society and even the country with the burden of ignored responsibilities or passing on the same behaviour.

2. Societal level:

  • Lack of moral behaviour in the society leads to immoral upbringing of the inhabitants as well.

3. Political level:

  • When the politicians and leaders lack morality and ethics, the common gentry automatically digresses from their roles.
  • This can be seen in the recent Afghanistan crisis where amidst the uncertain future of the citizens, the President left the country and the civilians in the hands of the Talibans.
  • Criminalisation of Politics in India is a classic example
  • Religious Radicalisation, Terrorism and Extremism takes birth from immoral society itself which then multiplies into a whole nation and then to other countries.

4. Administrative level:

  • When the administration steps back from their moral duties; to serve the society at all costs.
  • It can be seen in India where corruption and irresponsible behaviour is very common.
  • Ineffective grievance redressal is a classic example

5. National level:

  • When the country as a whole, or the National government fails to discharge moral duties.
  • Pakistan and China's vested interests that push them towards selfishness and disregard for the world is an example.

6. International level:

  • When the protectors of laws and humanity, at International level, fails to bring morality in their course of action.
  • America taking a flight back from Afghanistan without solving the Taliban issue is an example.
  • Western countries have been on the path of moral disaster since Colonialism and Imperialism eras where they wanted to rule the world for petty benefits and need for power.


Preventing moral ignorance is the duty we all need to perform at individual, societal, political, administrative, national and international level.

  • Explaining the difference between morality and immorality is the first teaching parents and family can give.
  • School and Society need to teach the practicality of morality by providing them the opportunities to behave morally. Robust building of character at a very small age is necessary.
  • Politicians and leaders need to be morally correct in order to lead the society.
  • National Governments must show morality in their conduct in all affairs.
  • International agencies and Important countries at international platform need to check moral duties and keep personal interests at the back seat.


Annie Besant once said "The true basis of morality is utility; that is, the adaptation of our actions to the promotion of the general welfare and happiness; the endeavour so to rule our lives that we may serve and bless mankind." Thus, our morals show when they benefit around us, when they create positive changes around us and not the other way around. This is the necessity during such times of pandemic where a human can help the other human and ultimately, save humanity.


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