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In the changed global circumstances after the Covid period, India is coming into the role of a global leader.


The corona virus, originating in Wuhan, China, has infected people from all over Europe, America, and other countries of Asia including India. Due to this, millions of people were killed globally and more people were also infected. After World War II, Corona was probably the first such situation that affected the world and world politics. During this corona, where the developed countries of the world appeared helpless, India stood steadfastly in front of it as a global leader.

World during Corona: -

  • The western world is at the center of this epidemic. This epidemic has affected Italy the most. The health structure has been affected, including the economy of Europe as a whole, including the US.
  • It casts doubt on the relevance of international organizations such as the World Health Organization. Many countries have alleged that the World Health Organization is making a puppet of China, and has lost its global relevance in the field of health in this epidemic.
  • This may be the reason for the withdrawal of the principles of globalization. China's exports have also stalled for some time.
  • It can also produce major power changes in world politics. It is causing a negative economic impact all over the world.
  • A few cases of Novel Coronavirus infection were first reported in China and a few months after that, it became a global pandemic. This epidemic has completely changed the systems of the globalized world which are strongly connected.
  • To control the outbreak of the virus, governments of different countries have imposed restrictions on movement and social interaction, due to which more than one-third of the world's population of 7.8 billion is currently at this time. Due to the epidemic, it was forced to remain locked in their homes.
  • The world has suffered from the recession, estimates for global GDP 2021 have come down to 2.5 percent.
  • Due to Covid-19, people have been motivated to make collective efforts to find digital solutions for the meeting, learning, doing workouts, and other work at home.

India's response

  • India increased immunity among people through Yoga, Ayurveda during Covid.
  • During the Covid, the Pharmaceutical Department of India has supplied vaccines and medicines in many countries.
  • India's vaccination program has been influential all over the world. India has sent countries to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Central Asia.
  • During this time, India gave the message of independence to the whole world using "Self-reliant India". India has given a package of 20 lakh crores in self-sufficient India.
  • China has stepped up its imperialist activities during the corona. There have been cases of encroachment by China into India, Australia, South China Sea. But India has proved its power all over the world by stopping China on its border.
  • US President Joe Biden has also considered India's role as important for the Indo-Pacific region. India's role was instrumental in the recently held quad meeting.
  • Along with this, the confidence of the entire world has increased in Indian culture, which is giving legitimacy to the leadership of India.

Challenges :-

  • India's economy had turned negative during the Covid period although India is still registering growth.
  • Recently China has made an unprecedented increase in its defense budget. China's defense budget was 261 billion dollars, which is more than 71 billion of India's defense budget.
  • India still has poverty and health problems

The conclusion

In the Corona era, where the entire world was in a survival situation, India made vaccine maitri for the whole world by making its country self-sufficient. India has contributed significantly to the protection of humanity through its cultural, scientific, and diplomacy at difficult times. Although there are some challenges before India, India is moving beyond these challenges to a global leader.

General Studies Paper 2
  • International Relations
  • Bilateral, regional and global groups and agreements related to India and/or affecting India's interests.
  • Impact of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India's interests

Mains Question:-

  • Do you agree that India has been established as a global leader in the post-Covid period? Give an argument in favor of your answer?