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The racist comments against Indian players and the activities by Australian cricketer Steve Smith during the Sydney Test of the Test series played between India and Australia have led to sporting ethics disputes.


  • Currently, the Indian cricket team is on a tour of Australia where racist comments were made against Indian players during the Sydney Test, and an attempt was made to erase the batting marks of Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant by Australian cricketer Steve Smith. In both these situations, sportsmanship was corrupted, and once a controversy was born on the dimensions of sports ethics. Sports, which is a medium for the all-round development of a person, is an insult to sports and sportsmanship in a way that is acceptable to immoral activities happening there.

What is sports ethics?

  • Sports ethics is a mixture of two words - sports and morality. Ethics is a branch of philosophy and sports can be accepted as a human activity for the all-round development of a person. In this case, sports ethics refers to the positive concept that determines the behavior of individuals during play.

Key points about sports ethics

  • In sports ethics, players perform sports apart from religion, religion, society, and customs. In this way, sports help in physical and mental development.
  • Somewhere the emotions shown in the game have also increased international harmony. Football, Cricket World Cup, and the Olympic Games are the symbol of global unity and cultural exchange.
  • Sports ethics is the coherence of many values in themselves and its superior performance makes the player a symbol of the common man. The name of Indian cricket player Sachin Tendulkar is a legend for everyone in this field of sports ethics.
  • But in sports, when sportsmanship is replaced by gamesmanship ( gamemanship means -winning is everything), then sports ethics are affected. Many times, players resort to drugs, dishonesty, splattery for gamesmanship which adversely affects the game ethics.
  • Along with this, there have been cases of bribery, sexual harassment for the opportunity in sports which have a bad effect on sports ethics.

What should be done

  • Sports ethics includes elements like fairness, equality of opportunity to show merit, respect for others, responsibility. These elements are known as "sportsmanship" in the world of sports. Therefore, in sportsmanship, healthy competition is given importance over victory.
  • This sportsmanship is based on the principle of "Tough But Fair Play". Therefore, everyone associated with sports including sportspersons should promote ethics in sports by accepting the principle of sportsmanship.

National Sports Ethics Commission Bill-2016

  • This Private bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha in 2016 regarding the establishment of the National Sports Ethics Commission by Anurag Thakur (Member of Lok Sabha). Its need was felt after the match-fixing in IPL-2013.
  • Its objective is the formation of a National Sports Ethical commission bill is to ensure that all sports have ethical activities and also take important steps towards the abolition of doping, match-fixing, age fraud, sexual harassment of women in sports.
  • This bill will not only impose a lifetime ban on the player in the case of match-fixing but will also include a 10-year jail sentence and a fine of five times the amount of bribe.
  • Fraud of age or sex will carry a jail term of six months and a fine of one lakh rupees.
  • Coaches and members of Sports Federations who help in such criminal activities will also be punishable under this law.
  • 'National Sports Ethical Commission' will include eminent sports personalities and judges of the court. The commission shall have the authority to determine the hearing and sentence.

The conclusion

In today's time, in addition to physical strength, sports have become the carrier of mental development and international relations. The importance of sportsmanship has also increased in this situation. Many states have started giving the status of industry to Sports, in this situation, ethics has become very important for Sports. Sports Ethics itself is a feeling of the inner self, but giving it a legal format will promote sports ethics.

General Studies Paper 4
  • Ethics

Mains Question:-

  • What do you understand by sports ethics? Discuss the implications of various areas of sports ethics? If you are the captain of a cricket team and your team is being subjected to racist comments and sleazing, how will you tackle this situation?