Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS Mains Exam: Paper - IV (General Studies – III) - 20 February 2019

Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS Mains Exam

UPSC Syllabus:

  • Paper-IV: General Studies -III (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)

Q. What do you understand by 5G Technology? What kind of advantages it will have over 4G Technology?

Model Answer:

5G is the fifth generation mobile network. It’s a unified platform which is much more capable than previous mobile services with more capacity, lower latency, faster data delivery rate and better utilisation of spectrum. The standards for the usage of 5G are defined and driven by 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

5th Generation mobile communication network is get to replace the existng 4g netwok It is the next generation of mobile technology but it will be leaps and bounds ahead of 4G 


  • Provides ultra-reliable, high speed Internet Upto 20 times more than 4G.
  • Low latency rate- 10 times low then present ones— Low LL means data transmission is faster across devices while high LLs mean data transmission will not happen in real time as it should ideally.
  • 5G will operate in much higher frequency with larger bandwidths than 4G.
  • Technology – Though Built on current LTE technology but it will use It will use software, cloud-based and other intelligent technologies to deliver a network that is efficient & flexible.
  • Coverage –Better or upto 100 % coverage than existing 4G networks.


  • 5G will also serve as a precursor to Adapting Artificial Intelligence, revolutionizing Big Data & Internet of Things (IoTs).
  • Lower Latency helps in dealing with critical emergency health care services and disaster management and autonomous vehicles.
  • Digital Push with higher coverage and faster speeds will ultimately boost our Digital India Mission.
  • Better Service Delivery Targeted delivery of services, schemes, and subsidy can be further fine-tuned and accelerated.


  • Dispersal methodology; Shifting to 5G technologies would require that existing networks are upgraded responsibly.
  • Spectrum allotment and pricing; After the alleged 2G scam, GOI needs to ensure that higher frequency spectrums are allotted transparently.
  • High Initial Costs --Government have to make sure that high infrastructure costs are not fullfiling by downgrading finance towards other sectors.
  • Privacy --With Greator Power Comes greator responsibility It has to be made sure that privacy concerns are checked to the optimum.
  • 5G is the technology of the future transition to it should be done keeping all stakeholders on the table.

 What needs to be done?

  • Need to align Digital India with 5G technology.
  • Incentivize design and manufacture of 5G technologies, products and solutions in India.
  • Allocate funds and incentivise local technology and telecom firms to develop their internal capacities which would in turn help 5G technology succeed in the country.
  • Promote 5G start-ups that enable this design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Promote generation of IPR backing the above designs.
  • Manufacture of 5G chipsets, this may require massive investments.
  • Appropriate test-beds and technology platforms to enable and help Indian technical ecosystem to have an edge in 5G.
  • Accelerated deployment of next generation ubiquitous ultra-high broadband infrastructure with 100% coverage of 10 Gbps across urban India and 1 Gbps across Rural India.

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