Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS & UPPSC Mains Exam: Paper - IV (General Studies – III) - 13 August 2019

Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS Mains Exam

Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS & UPPSC Mains Exam

UPSC Syllabus:

  • Paper-IV: General Studies -III (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)

Q. With the scrapping of article 370 and increasing protests against it, what measures are to be taken to maintain internal peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir? (250 words)

Model Answer:

  • Introduction
  • Discuss briefly the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Explain the role of various stakeholders, to maintain internal peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Conclusion


The government has recently abrogated Article 370, through a presidential order. The article provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir. A bill was also introduced, bifurcating Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir. The Presidential Order has also extended all provisions of the Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir, including the chapter on Fundamental Rights. This has rendered article 35A as unconstitutional.


  • The state of Jammu and Kashmir ceases to exist. The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will have an Assembly and the Union Territory of Ladakh will not have an Assembly
  • The law and order will now be directly controlled by the Union Government.
  • The internal peace and security concerns in the state are in a fragile situation as extremist terrorists may target and attack vulnerable groups and troops in order to create tense situations. This may force the Indian Government to use military power, which would increase the tensions in the valley.
  • The separatists will also raise their voice as it gives them a boost.


Security Forces:

  • Army should be more engaged with the common man. If the gap between the security forces and the common man are increased it would become difficult to change the perception of the residents and creation of alternate narratives.
  • The citizens must be given opportunity to speak, complain. This would help in the process of confidence building.
  • Need to engage the security personnel especially army and CRPF for public outreach and conduct of public meetings and include the politicians and the public officials.


  • Non-violent and democratic methods should be adopted to achieve political aspirations.
  • Local Governments should be engaged in involving people at the grassroots level.
  • Setting aside of the mutual fears of the people of Jammu and of Kashmir and bringing the people of Ladakh into this ambit as well.
  • Socio economic development through various governmental schemes.
  • Measures to be taken to employ the youth, so as to curb the terrorists and separatists group from recruiting them and spreading terror.

Non-State Actors:

  • The non-state actors like the separatists and state sponsored terrorists and threat from Pakistan should be checked. They have a powerful position in the valley
  • Tier-2 diplomacyshould help in alleviating the fears and misunderstandings that have cropped up.
  • Engaging the non-state actors through interlocutors is also very important.


  • The role of Media is very vital in the valley at present.  
  • It is the responsibility of the media to report the truth and not to present one sided views.
  • With internet on the surge and ease of access of information at tips, they help in shaping the views and opinions of people.
  • Media should be ethical and democratic in its approach. It should spread the message of peace and harmony among people.


The abrogation of article 370 has opened up many opportunities for development and economic growth in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. It would impact the demography, culture and politics in a holistic manner.

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