Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS & UPPSC Mains Exam: Paper - III (General Studies – II) - 11 October 2019

Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS Mains Exam

Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS & UPPSC Mains Exam

UPSC Syllabus:

  • Paper-III: General Studies -II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)

Q. India-China relation has not bilateral significance only but it also holds significance at the global and strategic level. Comment  (250 Words)

Model Answer:

  • Why in News
  • Bilateral Significance
  • Global and Strategic significance of the relation
  • Conclusion

Why in news:

The second informal summit between the Indian Prime Minister and Chinese President which is scheduled to be held in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu.


The emergence of India and China as two major economic and political actors in both strategic and global politics has caught global attention. The two emerging and enduring powers representing two modes of civilization signify a complex and dynamic relationship in world politics.

Bilateral Significance of India-China relation

  • Both countries are major developing economies which complement one another in manufacturing and service sector.
  • Both represent the interest of billion plus population.
  • Bothe represents the global south.

This indicates that both can transcends the bilateral dimension and enter into the global & strategic dimension. However there are various points of irritants between both countries like: border issues, trade issues, china's stand on Jammu and Kashmir, abrogation of article 370, increasing Chinese concern on increasing military presence in Arunachal Pradesh etc.

Despite these several differences both countries has shared interest and similar concern which shows that the India -China relationship has not only bilateral dimension but it has huge potential and significance for global and strategic development of the global order.

Global and Strategic Significance of India and China relationship:

The recently held Wuhan informal summit 2018 and proposed Mamallapuram Informal summit 2019 indicates that the two governments are coming closer. Wuhan summit has promoted High-level exchanges between the prime minister and president which have in turn promoted greater exchanges between respective government, political parties, armed forces etc.As a result of this co-ordination has been increased between two countries with regard to policy making & development strategies.


  • Both countries is working very closely in policy making in various fields such as infrastructure development, energy conservation, technology, environment protection medicine etc.
  • Both the countries are also playing a key role in global governance since both are member of important global organization and platform such as: RIC trilateral, SCO, G-20, BRICS etc.
  • Both have shared interest & similar concern which is driven by the common objective of promoting globalization and opposing trade protectionism, trade wars, fighting with Terrorism and co-operation to combat Climate change.
  • Despite frequent occurrence of incursion at border, peace & tranquility is maintained at border by both countries which indicates peaceful means of negotiation between both .This will be helpful in maintaining global peace and co-operation.
  • India-China is true representative of South-South co-operation because they represent the interest of emerging market as well as the LDC’s.
  • Despite frequent occurrence of incursion both the countries continued to co-operate at global & strategic level because of  the shared interest they have with regard to multilateral issues like: both opposed unilateralism  and protectionism which is promoted by western country such as USA,hence both belived in multilateral world order which is led by institution such as UN, WTO etc
  • Both can promote regional co-operation and connectivity through BCIM.
  • In order to promote economic development, elimination of poverty and other socio-economic challenges both country can contribute in larger extent since both has huge population bulge.

Thus co-operation between India-China on these multilateral issues has brought a global & strategic dimension to the bilateral relationship.

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