Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS & UPPSC Mains Exam: Paper - II (General Studies – I) - 26 November 2019

Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS Mains Exam

Answer Writing Practice for UPSC IAS & UPPSC Mains Exam

UPSC Syllabus:

  • Paper-II: General Studies - I (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society)

Q. What is the 'Steel Scrap Recycling Policy'? Discuss in brief the problems faced by the scrap-based industries and also discuss the benefits of steel scrap-based industries. (250 words)

Model Answer:

  • Why in News?
  • Introduction
  • Steel Scrap Recycling Policy
  • Problems faced by the scrap-based industries
  • Benefits of steel scrap-based industries
  • Conclusion

Why in News?

The Ministry of Steel has issued a Steel Scrap Recycling Policy (SSRP) to establish metal centers in India for scientific processing and recycling of steel scrap.


The secondary sector uses the scrap as the primary raw material. The Indian Steel Industry is characterized by the presence of a large number of small steel producers who utilize scrap for steelmakingAutomobile, construction and shipbreaking sector mainly makes the scraps available to be used as raw materials.

Steel Scrap Recycling Policy:

The Steel Scrap Recycling Policy deals mainly with the collection, dismantling and shredding activities in an organized, safe and environmentally sound manner. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and the Department of Heavy Industries would work towards the successful implementation and success of the policy.

The aims of the recently issued Steel Scrap Recycling Policy are as follows:

  • To promote a circular economy in the steel sector.
  • The policy aims at promoting the 6Rs principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Redesign, and Remanufacture.
  • To promote scientific handling, processing, and disposal of all types of recyclable scraps including non-ferrous scraps, through authorized centers and facility.
  • Processing and recycling of products in an organized, safe and environment-friendly manner.
  • To evolve a responsive ecosystem by involving all stakeholders.
  • To produce high-quality ferrous scrap for quality steel production thus minimizing the dependency on imports.
  • To decongest the Indian cities from End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) and reuse of ferrous scrap.

Problems faced by the scrap-based industries:

Scrap metals like aluminum, copper, steel, brass, and iron are recycled to make a wide variety of new products. The major problems faced by these industries are:

  • The availability of scrap. In 2017 the deficit was to the tune of 7 million tons. This creates a gap between demand and supply.
  • The quality of the available scrap is also questioned. The dealers most of the time mix scrap with impurities so as to meet the demand and supply gap.
  • The scrap dealers have a very strong lobby and control the sector very tightly. Many times this leads to
  • In order to be more environment-friendly, industries are trying to move towards the policy of ‘zero effect zero defect’. This has led to minimum wastage and low availability of scrap.

Benefits of steel scrap-based industries:

  • The scrapping policy would ensure that quality scrap is available for the steel industry.
  • Scrap is an important input for electric furnaces. These furnaces can, in turn, produce high-grade steel.
  • High-Grade Steel Scrap without impurities would help in producing high-grade steel. So, the basic raw material (iron-ore) used for the production of steel can be saved for future consumption.
  • High-grade steel is produced in India then it shall result in not only import substitution of scrap but also import substitution of high-end steel that is currently imported.
  • It has the potential for employment generation in sectors like logistics support, dismantling and scrapping centers.


The Steel Scrap Recycling Policy is a welcome step towards creating a circular economy. Though the policy does not envisage setting up of scrap centers, there is a need to better organize the already available resources as scrap would now become an important ambit in our economy.

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