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All you need to know about : Puthandu - Tamil New Year

Month of chitterai, the first month of the Tamil Solar calendar is celebrated as Tamil New year famously known as Puthandu. It is believed that on this auspicious day, Lord Brahma began his creation, therefore it is considered to be very pious and religious event. The Tamil New Year follows the Nirayanam vernal equinox and generally falls on 14 April of the Gregorian year.The day is Chithirai 1 as per the Tamil calender.

All you need to know about - Assamese Gamosa

  • Gamosha is made manually in the villages of Assam. Assamese Gamosa is mostly woven out of white threads with colourful and intricate inlays in red. While a normal Gamosa is sold at ₹100, the designer ones range between ₹300 to 1500.
  • In a village near Lakhimpur, almost half of the villagers -- mostly women -- can be seen weaving Gamosa and other traditional dresses by hand-operated wooden looms.
  • Assamese Gamosa, which has been worn by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

(डेली न्यूज़ स्कैन - DNS हिंदी) थ्वाइट्स ग्लेशियर अगर पिघला तो होगा जल प्रलय का खतरा (If Thwaites glacier melted, there will be danger of water catastrophe)


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