Comprehensive All India Mains Test Series Programme - 2018

Comprehensive All India Mains Test Series Programme - 2018

  • THEMATIC coverage of full syllabus
  • Practice in presence of faculty
  • Daily 10Q + Evaluation + Hint in class

Salient Features of Test Series:

  1. 8 sectional + 4 Full Length Test + 5 Essays
  2. Schedule your Test Well as Evaluation
  3. 1st Test Open for All
  4. Starting 17th June 12 PM onwards
  5. Copy Evaluation in front of the student
  6. Evaluation and discussion by Faculty
  7. Snippet : Mains Fact File

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Free for All Who Appeared in INTERVIEW 2017

  • Test Series Start Date: 17th June 2018

  • Test Timing: (*Flexible)

  • Discussion: 7 Days After the Test

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Modus operandi of the All India Mains Test Series

1. Copy Evaluation in front of the student

  1. A student can schedule his/her test according to his/her own convenience.
  2. After writing the test, S/he can book half an hour slot with the faculty.
  3. At that predetermined slot, his/her copies would be evaluated infront of him/her.
  4. The student can discuss his/her strengths and weaknesses based on the feedback provided by the faculty.
  5. A Student would be knowing the rationale behind high or low marks awarded to him/her in any particular question.
  6. Based on the assessment, the faculty would suggest him means of improvement.

2. Performance Tracking

  1. As far as practicable, the same faculty would be evaluating the answersheets of a particular student for each tests.
  2. Thus, Focused and personalised guidance would be provided to each student.

3. Discussion Class by Faculty

  1. Discussion class would be organised 1 week after the scheduled date of the test.
  2. Subject faculty of the topic concerned would be taking the class.
  3. If any student fails to attend that class, video of the same shall be provided.

4. Answer Hints shall consists of

  1. Structure of the Answer – It shall be indicative of the ideal framework of the answer like what should come in introduction, body and conclusion. It shall be aimed at enriching the answer writing skill of the student.
  2. Model Answer – An standard answer shall also be provided for every question. It shall be aimed at enriching the knowledge of the student.

5. Questions as per UPSC Pattern

  1. Questions would be designed to improve candidates' lateral thinking and multidisciplinary approachapart fromthe factual knowledge.
  2. Comprehensive coverage of complete GS Syllabus
  3. Special emphasis on issues related to current affairs.

6. Snippet: Mains Fact File

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Programme Parameters



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Weekly Current Affairs Perfect 7 Magazine
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Regular Interaction with CSE Toppers Some Institute
Smart Classroom Only a Few
Online Mode of Class Available Some Institute

For Any Query and Help Call us: 011-49274400, +91 9205274743

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